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  1. It was a small infection vet said not to let her lick because she could become ill.... (cone of shame for a few days ) they say sometimes when long haired dogs go into heat it’s best to trim them some because bacteria could build up. Plenty of water and personally keeping the area clean. Was a bit worried but glad my angels ok! Next appointment is her getting fixed they say that will stop that from happening along with cancer and pyro risks....
  2. She’s 18 months I had her for 4 months ... so prolly not her first and not around males.
  3. Sorry it was late and I didn’t make myself too clear..... I let her clean herself regularly I just put the diaper on her to collect a sample because I noticed a bad Odor diapers are from where family came to visits I cut a hole in the back for tail.... it was on her for about 10 minutes so I can see it before she cleaned herself. I live alone because I recently moved everyone’s 4 hrs away and I don’t know anyone..... But I called a pet friendly cab and they can take me to the vet (cabs gonna charge a lot) but I have an appointment set for tomorrow. My whole point in asking was to get some ideas to as the vet because a friends dog was misdiagnosed and passed away.
  4. Female dog just had starterd her heat cycle a few days bled normally but now I notice a brown really bad smelly discharge in her diaper .... it lasted a few days with her litter mate a friend has ( She never took her to the vet because she thought it was normal ) hers is fine but I’m extremely cautious I want to be sure. I’m just curious what it cud be ... I’m calling her vet tomorrow but since my car is in the shop I won’t have a ride for a few days. Sorry pic quality

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