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  1. Thank you for the link and everyone`s feedback. Though I am not on Facebook I am able to read others info which I am trying to apply. Though I did not get a copy yet of some new blood work, vet said her zinc level looks ok.
  2. Geez, this morning I typed up a long additional message that got lost with the images I tried to post. I`ll give it a go to repost my thoughts now. Shorter version. Thank you for any thoughts you all have. I have been researching ZINC to the point that I got my vet to draw some blood today to test for it, just to see what the level is. Monashee has been on antibiotics and steroids for just over two weeks with one week to go. At first it seems like things were going ok. The initial lesions pictured, on the nose and lip pretty much cleared up. But during the second week other sore spots popped up. Now on and in her ears, snout, face, arms, etc.... And I believe because of the steroids, she is panting heavy most of the time and lethargic. Vet thinks because the steroids are not fully working it may be a immune issue?
  3. This sore occurred today on her rear leg. Most of her sores are not this red. We are not exactly sure how much of the cause is from licking? I have read the cause actually is from licking. We do not catch her licking that often and do not let her when we can. We bandage when we can, but it lasts for only so long over night. Tomorrow is another call to the vet in hopes to get better answers. I`ll post new info as I get it for those interested. Still hoping a member here has heard of this type of issue. Peace Oh, no tests for allergies yet. But as far as the nearest allergist is, we are looking into it. Thank you.
  4. Hello folks, I have two siblings/same litter, male and female, that the female has developed a condition that the veterinarians seem to not fully want to identify or know what to do? Most I got was possible allergy or immune problem. For those more interested I posted a relatively long message at the bottom that I typed up for other online vets to hopefully comment on from experience. But I posted this here thinking who better to ask than a owner`s group? Basically, 2 months ago my female, 8 yrs old, 85 lbs, first developed tearing right eye, lesions at the nose, lip, and sores on back end and tail. In the course of the 2 months of multiple vets and biopsies (non cancer), and last two of three weeks of steroid and antibiotics, some lesions and sores have dissipated, BUT many more sores are popping up. The sores are most prevalent. Dime to half dollar sized pink to red sores on the tail, back, torso, arms and paws (bit scary looking). Mostly arms and paws. Since this is supposedly prevalent in Huskies. Anyone??? have any experience with this type of condition? I posted here instead of the health thread in hopes that more owners can eyeball this and may contribute there experience. Thanks for reading, PEACE Letter To Online Vet: Hello, I have two brother/sister, same litter, Husky/Sheppard dogs. They are 8.5 years old. About two months ago I noticed the female started having her right eye tear more than normal and I noticed a sore spot on top of her back end above her tail. Plus, a small pimple sized red spot formed just below her nose, above her front lip. Since they both were due for their annual check up we made an appointment for the vet. When she was looked at we found another large sore spot on her tail (1” x 2”). Our vet at the time said one has nothing to do with the other. The sore spot was a staff infection and the eye, upon her further examination, might be a Panus disease that she recommended we see an ophthalmologist for dogs. The red pimple lesion below her nose is a peculiar place to be and does not know what it is, but we might want to consider biopsies done. She said we could wait a bit to see what happens. We went home, made the appointment for the ophthalmologist far away in 3 weeks or so. In short time the pimple below her nose became a bit larger and we decided to do a biopsy. All of a sudden our vet said she is not comfortable in do it and to have the group far away do it when they check the eye. But they could not for several months as it requires a different vet. So we found a third vet an hour away and made a consultation appointment for about a week later. All this while my dog started having blister type lesions on her left lip (1/16” -1/8” dia). Finally get to the third vet and he say the same thing. Doesn`t know what this is. Can not recommend what to do but is ok if we do a biopsy or simply wait to see what happens. In just another couple days we notice more blisters on the lip and more sore spots on her body, thought we need to do the biopsies. Made an appointment for the last vet for four weeks later, but in just one week we had the appointment for the ophthalmologist which we went to. All the while more sore spots, more blisters on lips, the pimple below nose seems to inflame so mush then stopped (about 1/8” oval shaped). The ophthalmologist looked at everything and thought way too much coincidence for all this stuff and we should have a biopsy. Said she can have her office do it in two days. So we did. A week later we get the results. The nose was described as “Severe eosinophilic and pyogranulomatous and pustular nasal dermatitis. The lip description as “Severe eosinophilic and pyogranulomatous cheilitis. And a small lesion by her eye as “Mild eosinophilic and neutrophilic conjunctivitis. The comments of the pathologist are: “There are similar findings in the nose and lip lesions, which is a reaction pattern of multifactorial etiology, but a hypersensitivity reaction is suspected, and in some cases an adverse drug reaction has been identified. This is a common lesion in Huskies and may respond to corticosteroids. The conjunctival lesion is suggestive of an allergic/hypersensitivity conjunctivitis. The differential diagnosis includes mechanical irritation (including due to foreign material or an anatomical predisposition) and chronic bacterial infection, or parasitism. The scarcity of neutrophils and failure to visualize bacteria in this section suggests primary bacterial infection is unlikely. A specific allergen is rarely identified in cases of presumed allergic conjunctivitis. Similar to allergic skin diseases, the diagnosis is based on the failure to demonstrate infectious or mechanical causes, response to corticosteroid therapy, and sometimes a convincing association with environmental changes.” END QUOTES So from all this we started with a forth vet (our old one had no answers, nor seemed to want to be bothered), and he started our dog on Prednisone for 3 weeks and Cephalexin for 3 weeks. Been two weeks now and her nose is very much doing better. Lip is doing better. And some of the sore spots seems to be healing a bit. But, she continues to get other sore spots on her paws, arms, and body. Plus a few new small blisters on her lips. We have a follow up appointment with our vet in another week when the medications are complete, but we wonder, if the medications are help clearing up areas on her, why are there new sores and lesions surfacing? All our hope is we finally contact a veterinarian that can identify these issues and have some experience with what to do to clear it up, not to mention what caused it? Sorry for the long message, but I simply thought it might be worth a try to see if there might be something you can suggest in reference to what all this might be?
  5. BooShee


    Hello, my wife and I adopted 2 puppies (Bugaboo & Monashee, named after two mountain ranges in western Canada) April of 2010. Two from the same litter, one male, one female. Now 8.5 years have passed and looing forward I can`t believe what great dogs there were, and are. Incredibly smart. Seems to know most of what we say, and there understanding keeps going higher. Very obedient, loyal. I do admit when we got them, we were able to spend a lot of time with them as puppies, which I strongly believe help forge our 'Pack', making it strong as well as allowing them to learn that much more from us. I hope I am not selfish as to why I am now just joining this forum. My female dog has developed a condition that the 5 veterinarians I`ve been to seem to not want to identify, other than the condition is seen in the Husky breed. I am posting a separate thread in hopes to possibly get some feedback from those with experience. Looks like a well laid out forum, hope to learn more. PEACE
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