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  1. Thank you for the link and everyone`s feedback. Though I am not on Facebook I am able to read others info which I am trying to apply. Though I did not get a copy yet of some new blood work, vet said her zinc level looks ok.
  2. Geez, this morning I typed up a long additional message that got lost with the images I tried to post. I`ll give it a go to repost my thoughts now. Shorter version. Thank you for any thoughts you all have. I have been researching ZINC to the point that I got my vet to draw some blood today to test for it, just to see what the level is. Monashee has been on antibiotics and steroids for just over two weeks with one week to go. At first it seems like things were going ok. The initial lesions pictured, on the nose and lip pretty much cleared up. But during the second week other sore spots pop
  3. This sore occurred today on her rear leg. Most of her sores are not this red. We are not exactly sure how much of the cause is from licking? I have read the cause actually is from licking. We do not catch her licking that often and do not let her when we can. We bandage when we can, but it lasts for only so long over night. Tomorrow is another call to the vet in hopes to get better answers. I`ll post new info as I get it for those interested. Still hoping a member here has heard of this type of issue. Peace Oh, no tests for allergies yet. But as far as the nearest allergist is,
  4. Hello folks, I have two siblings/same litter, male and female, that the female has developed a condition that the veterinarians seem to not fully want to identify or know what to do? Most I got was possible allergy or immune problem. For those more interested I posted a relatively long message at the bottom that I typed up for other online vets to hopefully comment on from experience. But I posted this here thinking who better to ask than a owner`s group? Basically, 2 months ago my female, 8 yrs old, 85 lbs, first developed tearing right eye, lesions at the nose, lip, and sores on ba
  5. Hello, my wife and I adopted 2 puppies (Bugaboo & Monashee, named after two mountain ranges in western Canada) April of 2010. Two from the same litter, one male, one female. Now 8.5 years have passed and looing forward I can`t believe what great dogs there were, and are. Incredibly smart. Seems to know most of what we say, and there understanding keeps going higher. Very obedient, loyal. I do admit when we got them, we were able to spend a lot of time with them as puppies, which I strongly believe help forge our 'Pack', making it strong as well as allowing them to learn that much more from
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