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  1. @wolfpup @chelseafan@2HuskyFun Yes, I’ve had Cooper since he was a puppy. He’s been energetic, happy, and healthy, still is for the most part. Ear stuff started a couple years ago. He does best on raw food, but we have a nine month old baby who cuddles with the pups, so maybe we’ll switch back to raw in a year or two, when creating more distance (and less face kicks 😜) between them will be easier. Patches and limpoma just started in the last few months 😢😢😢 We have only fed grain free and most of the time it’s taste of the wild. I just ordered the Nutrazinc 👏👏👏 🤞🤞🤞it
  2. I’m pretty sure my sweet baby boy Cooper (5 yrs old) has Zinc Related Deficiency. He’s had chronic dirty ear issues, which currently look clear, but now he has crusty spots around his mouth, plus what appears to be a limpoma on his left thigh, and a lump on his chest (that the vet said is just fatty tissue). From what I’ve read on here, it could be ZRD. Please fill me in on what to do now. I’m terrified seizures are next. please help.
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