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  1. Husky_Love2018


    So pretty! Next year we are going to get a grey and white female.
  2. Husky_Love2018

    Snow Tiggs

    Now th😂at's a snow dog!
  3. Thank you for the welcomes and the information. Happy to be here. 😏
  4. I've read tons about yes give raw eggs, no don't give raw eggs... After plenty of research i decided to give Rocky 2 raw eggs a week (on different days). It gave him HORRIBLE diarrhea both times. My eggs are bought from the store not fresh from a farmer and i did crush up the shell and feed it too. Now my eggs are not the freshest as we do not buy eggs all time because we only use them for making other things like pancakes ext... My children also turned the temp on the fridge down one time and they almost froze. I'm still using them and we have not got sick but then again they are cooked. I a
  5. I'm a first time husky owner. My boy (Rocky) was born on June 28, 2018. I already have him house broke thank goodness. His coat is not fluffy. Will it get fluffy? He is a purebred with akc papers.
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