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    I have a Husky Malamute mix named Talia and a Siberian Husky name Nyla. Talia is 7y.o. and Nyla is 3y.o. Nyla has 2 canine teeth on her left side and that is where the name twofangs comes from!
  1. I think my Nyla baby has a zinc deficiency. Goofball can’t sit still for a picture, but she has a sore on her nose roughly the size of a quarter that has been bleeding. In August, she had a grand mal seizure. I took her to the vet and they diagnosed her as having epilepsy. Now, today, I have found a sore on her nose that I think is linked to zinc deficiency and I also believe that is what causes her seizures... my local vet is clearly not an expert on the matter. Does anyone have any input or have a husky that has zinc deficiency? I changed her diet back in August, but clearly it may not be enough. I ordered a zinc supplement called Nutrazinc and am waiting for it to arrive... any help would be greatly appreciated.
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