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  1. Hey, I enjoy drawing in my spare time and have done a couple of commissions for people of their pets. Here are a couple of them Thanks Amanda
  2. Hey, Had our puppy for nearly a week now. She’s 6 weeks gone Saturday. The breeder let her go early because her Mam had rejected the puppies. My question is, what is the best way to stop biting? I’ve read conflicting info online and was wanting to know from actual owners on what works and what doesn’t. What we should do and what we shouldn’t? I read we should grab the scruff. Is this correct? Should it be done every time the puppy bites? Should we grab it and then take her to the floor on her side? Thanks Amanda
  3. Thanks everyone. She really is a cutie and so much personality already lol. Love her mischievous looking face 😊 She’s currently curled up next to me in bed. First time we’ve owned a Husky or a big dog for that matter but looking forward to watching her grow 💗
  4. Hey everyone, I’m Amanda from Sunderland in the UK and this is myself and my boyfriends beautiful Husky puppy. Her name is Luna and we absolutely adore her. We’ve only had her since Tuesday but love her so much already 🌙🐶😬💗 Thanks Amanda
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