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  1. Yeah but those pics are of her adult tooth right? The one I’m showing you is a pic of Luna’s baby tooth with the adult one growing next to it. I have just spoke to the vet on the phone and she has said that it’s normal and I need to play tug to try and get it to snap off. Basically baby teeth snap off from the root and the root gets absorbed back into the gum. The dark tooth is her baby tooth and is being pushed out by the adult canine. All of her baby teeth that I have noticed loose have had a grey tinge to them and then they have just fallen out. I have just spoke to the vet on the phone and she has said that it’s normal and I need to play tug to try and get it to snap off. Basically baby teeth snap off from the root and the root gets absorbed back into the gum.
  2. Hi, Can you tell me if this is normal (see pic below) Luna has lost the majority of her puppy teeth. She is currently 5 months and 1 week old. However her two top adult canine teeth have started to grow but the puppy ones are still at the side of the adult ones and the one in the pic shows that the adult one has pushed the baby one out of the gum (you can see the root I think). Ignore the dark coloured stuff, that’s soil from the garden. Is this normal and will the tooth just fall out? Thanks Amanda
  3. Hi, He’s gorgeous 😊 can you getTaste of the Wild puppy food? My Luna loves the salmon one. If you’re in the UK then you can get a 6kg bag for £27 on amazon. It’s the best IMO and according to a lot of others husky owners too. Also with regards to the biting, Luna was the same, my hands were cut to pieces and holes in my trousers too lol. But now that’s she’s nearly 5 months, she’s much better. I used the time out approach. If she but then I would get up and move away. If she was really bad then I would close her in the kitchen for a few minutes until she calmed down. Huskies are awesome dogs but they do indeed test your patience 😂 Btw Luna says hello 🐶💗
  4. Hi, I’m unable to suggest anything as my 4 month pupppy does the same. She jumps and paws people and other dogs. Only to play, just like yours. I would be interested to know how you stopped your puppy from pulling. That would help a lot
  5. Tell me about it haha. She’s my baby 🐶💗 we weighed her at 16 weeks and she was 14kg. She’s tall though.
  6. Guess time will tell 😛 but you’re not an idiot either way
  7. Here are some pics taken today. It looks a little lighter don’t you think?
  8. I have a husky and I feed her Taste of the Wild salmon mixed with wet food - Forthglade just chicken/tripe or just turkey. She loves it and never had any problems. She also gets scrambled egg (she goes nuts for it lol).
  9. We have a split decision lol. I love her nose, it’s cute so doesn’t really matter to me but just wondered which she might have. So the darker the pink, the more chance it isn’t snow nose, is what you’re saying? This is a pic of when I first got her and her nose was all black.
  10. lovelife82


    Aww she’s beautiful 🐶 Luna and her massive ears say hello 😂
  11. Hi, So I saw a post from a few years ago about snow nose or pigmentation problem. Looking at some pics of Luna would you say it was snow nose (which I think it is) or pigmentation problem? Thanks Amanda
  12. Hey Nush, Did you get my direct message I sent you the other day? Thanks Amanda
  13. Hi, No, don’t tap him on the nose and don’t grab him by the scruff either. If you can’t get him off then maybe have some treats ready in your pockets and tell him to leave. When he leaves and goes for the treat that you’re giving him then give him loads of praise. I’m going to send you a direct message on a couple of hours as I got Luna when she was 6 1/2 weeks and I went through the same thing as you. Hes gorgeous 🐶😊
  14. Ok. Sorry. Here’s a clearer pic. There isn’t anything wrong with her actual eye. It’s just when she looks at you, sometime you see a lot of white on the right eye (looking at her) but with the other eye there is no white.
  15. Hi, My question is can you use dog wipes to clean your dogs intimate areas. Is it safe to use or should I buy a flannel cloth and use some of her puppy shampoo mixed with water to give her a wipe there? Or just use water with the cloth? Thanks Amanda
  16. She’s not. Luna’s eyes are both brown. But thanks Was that question aimed at me?
  17. You quoted me above but didn’t write anything? Lol
  18. Hi and welcome to the forum. She’s gorgeous. Love her different eye colours. I have recently gone through exactly what you are going through with my puppy Luna. We got her at nearly 6 weeks old and I have cried, felt like I was going mad and thought that getting her was a mistake. She was biting, leaving cuts all over my hands and face, she constantly needed attention and put a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. However she is now 15 weeks old and the majority of the biting has stopped, I get way more kisses and she’s just a fluffy cuddle monster lol. I love her to bits and couldn’t imagine life without her. She has so much personality. No way am I experienced in husky ownership but just some advice from what worked with me. Don’t shout or use any force with her. Use positive reinforcement. Whenever she bit I would give her a toy to bite and praise her. When she got to much, I put her in the kitchen in timeout. She cried for a while but now when I put her in she is silent and comes out after a few minutes calmed down. Since yours is a puppy then I wouldn’t recommend running with her. Too strenuous on their growing joints. The rule is, 5 minutes of exercise per month of their age. So walk her for 10 mins a day outside or 15 when she’s 3 months etc. I would recommend taking her outside (carrying her until she’s had her jabs and can go outside). Getting her used to noise, smells, other people. If you can then take her to puppy class. Also teach her to wait, leave, sit etc. Use treats. She will pick it up quickly. Luna at 12 weeks could sit, give both paws, wait, go in basket, lie down etc. It feels like a bad decision at the minute for you but stick with it and she will get much better and will make the best companion. Huskies are amazing dogs but for first time owners, they can be overwhelming. Any other questions then just ask. Oh and one more thing. You will want to feed her good quality food. A lot of food is bad for huskies. Stay away from anything that contains wheat, grain, beet pulp etc. They are fillers and no good for your fur baby. I feed mine on puppy Taste of the Wild. One of the best food you can get. Not the cheapest but well worth it in the long run. Post some more pics and hello from me and Luna Thanks Amanda p.s you won’t believe hope quickly she will grow lol. Pic of Luna now at 15 weeks and at 7 weeks haha
  19. They look legit to me. I think the other ones snouts that you are referring to may look different because they don’t have any eye markings and the all white makes them look longer. If I was going to choose one then it would be either the first or second picture (the first one is super cute).
  20. Hi, I’ve noticed that Luna’s left eye (right looking at her) shows more white at the bottom than her left. Is this normal in puppies? (She’s nealry 13 weeks) See pic. Thanks Amanda
  21. Hey everyone, Here are some pics of Luna. She’s just turned 11 weeks and grown so much in the 5 weeks we’ve had her. She can go for her first walk on Tuesday and her harnes arrived the other day She’s such a character 🐶💗 Pic heavy 😋 p.s the last pic is of her 5 weeks ago
  22. Hi and welcome. The people are lovely and the forum is a great place for information. Has helped us loads. Luna says hello 😊 Amanda p.s yeah, where are the pics lol
  23. Thank you. She may have ate something outside but couldn’t see anything in her sick or poo. The allergic reaction is pretty bad we’ve only had a couple of hours sleep during the night. She’s constantly scratching her ears/face and biting her paw. We can see the redness around her eye and nose. Feel so sorry for her. I wish I had know and wouldn’t have gave her rice. Just chicken/fish Both of her ears were standing up and now one of them is floppy again. Going to take her to the vets today to see if they can give her anything. She hasn’t vomited anyone though. Although she had a really loose poo around 2am. Could that be to the allergic reaction?
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