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  1. Hey The lump isn’t next to her tear duct. It’s on the top right hand corner of her eyelid. Can you see it? Just above the reflection in her eye. Been to the vets and she said it looks like a stye and maybe she has a little conjunctivitis so gave her some eye drops. She said keep an eye on it and if it gets bigger then maybe it’s not and will need surgery to check and remove it. Hopefully it is just a stye as hairs are growing out of it and with a google search it sounds like that. Thanks
  2. I’d say Akira. The last pic where she’s standing looks like an Akita’s stance. She’s lovely 😊
  3. Hi, Luna is now 9 1/2 months and she’s our pride and joy. She’s turned into an amazing dog and best friend. The past few days her left eye has had some grey coloured discharge coming near her year duct. Mainly after sleeping at night but during the day too. Yesterday we noticed this lump on her eyelid. We are going to take her to the vets today but was wondering if anyone had any ideas to what it could be and if it’s related to the discharge? Thanks Amanda
  4. I’m sorry to hear that you had to give him up. Would you mind if I asked why? I’m not judging genuine people for genuine reasons but there’s a reason why huskies are one of the most common breeds to be given up for adoption and I think the reason is because people get one not knowing much about the breed and then decide they are too much hard work. Unless it’s a genuine reason then I feel no dog should be given up for adoption.
  5. Hey.... As the title says. I just saw it his post on Facebook. He’s a beautiful boy and really hope he finds his forever home soon Can’t believe he was brought there at around 6 months 😢 Too many people don’t do their research before getting a husky, myself and my boyfriend included and even though it’s been really hard work, I would never give her up. Luna is 9 months now and she’s amazing. Love her loads. So yeah, if there’s anyone in that area or you know of anyone then pass the details on 😊
  6. Wow!! That’s quite a way lol. Thought my travel there would be a lot
  7. Sorry, just added the link. Missed it off lol. Wow!! Where are you travelling from? I’ve never done a 5 hour drive with Luna before, even without tbh.
  8. Thank you. I’m on a bit of budget as I’m buying all the camping basics. Would this one be any good? Looks like it might? Ahhh thanks. Would love to but bit of a trek for me. About 5 hours. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rosewood-Xtra-Strong-Stake-Spike/dp/B016BTFCWY/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=30SNHKNYZ9RK4&keywords=stake+out+spike&qid=1555179830&s=gateway&sprefix=stake+out+&sr=8-4
  9. Ah great. Thanks. Do you have a link please?
  10. Yeah, I saw those and thought that wouldn’t hold Luna lol. Is this the type you mean? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the advice guys You don’t have a pic of the long lines set up to the stakes do you? How many stakes do you need? Just the one?
  12. Awww, that’s lovely. I would never go away without taking Luna They are part of the family and should experience holidays like us. Unfortunately I doubt she would stay in her crate. She goes in there when she wants to but sleeps with us during the night. Anyway it would mostly be just me and Luna as my boyfriend isn’t keen on camping. So I’ll have her to snuggle into at night lol and I agree about the husky blanket haha 😀 What do you use for the stake out line and can they escape it? Thanks Amanda p.s have they ever punctured the air mattress and do you take a doggy first aid kit? What do you have in yours?
  13. Hey guys, So as the title says, I’m gonna be buying some camping equipment and gonna go camping for the first time. I want to take Luna with me and wondered if any of you have experienced camping with your husky? Any advice? When sleeping in the tent did you have them tethered to you or did you let them roam freely inside the tent? Can they escape? Any advice would be great. Thanks Amanda
  14. Hi all, At what age would you say a husky puppy can start to eat adult food? Thanks
  15. Luna is 6 1/2 months and she’s been a very cuddly dog from when we got her at 6 weeks. Although it is when she wants to cuddle lol. And o must say when I leave her to go to work my boyfriend says she howls for me and I get the loveliest greeting when I come home. She’s very clingy with me but every husky is different. Guess Luna isn’t the typical husky from the above comments.
  16. A couple of pics I took yesterday with my iPhone. Had to coax Luna with a tree branch to get her to sit still lol. Really happy with these. She’s such a cutie 🐶💗
  17. Putting her in the kitchen for time out seems to work for a short time. The problem is getting her in the kitchen. When she knows where she’s going, she runs away and then lies down and it’s hard to pick her up 😂
  18. Maybe female huskies are the naughty ones 😂 Did she hurt when she bit and did she show her teeth (snarl without the noise)? That gives me some comfort knowing it’s normal lol. Also wasn’t Bindi taken from her mother at a young age? Thank you
  19. So what Luna is doing is normal? Even at 6 months?
  20. Hi, Yeah I do know that now. But we have done the positive reinforcement thing since we first got her and she’s now 6 months but still biting. Tried everything. Ignoring her, giving her chew toys, time out etc. I feel like anything I do doesn’t stop her. I really feel like she will never stop and I’ve got an agreesive dog (in that sense)
  21. Hi, I’ve had my puppy since she was 6 weeks old (I know that was too young but didn’t know until after). She is now 6 months. I love her to bits but since day one she has had a problem with biting. An example she will come up to a cuddle and after a few minutes she will start trying to buy my hand. Even if I’m just sitting still. She does not listen and won’t stop. I’ve tried, toys, moving away etc. She does it a lot through the day and when she wakes up in our bed etc. I’m really at my wits end and it’s getting me down. I don’t know what to do. I thought it was because she was teething but all her adult teeth care through now and the bites hurt. To the point where I get bruises on my hand. Is it still because her teeth are growing? What age does that stop? She snarls like a wolf and show all her teeth sometimes when she does it and if I shout or say no she just does it more. Please help. I just feel like I could sit here and cry. Apart from that she’s a very affectionate doggy. Follows me all over. I get plenty of kisses too lol and she howls when I leave for work. Even though my boyfriend is at home with her. Is this normal?? Has anyone else had this experience and did they eventually stop?? Thanks Amanda
  22. Yep, got a right cuddle monster here lol. Luna’s loves her cuddles and I can’t go anywhere without her 🐶💗
  23. Hey, Wonder if anyone has seen this type of marking before? It continues down Luna’s tail. Appeared about 1 month ago and has gotten bigger lol. Thanks Amanda
  24. I played tug and the tooth cake out tonight. Although both the tooth and the root came out. It was huge. I have found 1 other canine from the bottom and 2 molars from the back that fell out and none of them had the root attached. They were just hollow so that would back up what the vet said about the root being retained and dissolved back in the gum. Hopefully the other side will follow as that is similar to this one but the root isn’t exposed. I’ve attached a pic of one of her molars. As you can see, no root.
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