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  1. Yeah, we definitely want what’s best for them thank you for all of that information. So hard to try and find what’s best and in my price range. If I can’t fond anything else then will go for Taste of the Wild Thanks Amanda @chelseafan @2Huskyfun @petertmartin @wolfpup @Luna-tic @Markulous I’ve just been on huskyguru.com and they have a link that takes you to the best UK foods by ratings and I came across this one. What do you think of that? Is it as good as Taste of the Wild? Thanks Amanda
  2. @wolfpup Hi, thank you for letting me know about that. So you wouldn’t recommend that food based on it having zinc oxide in? Or would it be ok to feed her that food if I gave her some sort of zinc replacement like, fresh boiled chicken, tuna etc? Also does the rest of the ingredients look like a good dog kibble? Thanks Amanda
  3. Thank you so much for all of your replies everyone. It’s really helped I saw this on Facebook last night. What do you guys think? It looks pretty good, right? Heres the link to their site too. https://paws.com/ Thanks Amanda
  4. @2Huskyfun Hey, thanks for your reply and thank you to everyone else too. Can I ask what brand dry/wet food you give your doggies? Thanks Amanda
  5. @robke they’re not? @2Huskyfun has just said puppy food for “large breed” in the above comment and also on the back of that dry food packaging it says 20-30kg dogs so going by that they are classed as large breeds for this dog food? Since most huskies are between 20-30kgs? Should I stick with this or get the same brand but for medium size dogs? Or a different brand altogether? Thanks Amanda
  6. This is what we are feeding her on at the minute. Is it good enough dry food? Thanks Amanda
  7. Thanks for the advice The breeder was feeding her on adult food by the looks of things. When I bought her food I bought a couple of pouches of different brands and two different brands of kibble. So I shouldn’t be feeding her on two different brands? Just stick to the one? Thanks Amanda
  8. Hi, Luna is nearly 7 weeks old and was wondering if you recommend a mainly wet with a little bit of dry food diet? Also should we be feeding her the same brand wet food or is it ok to switch between brands? Thanks Amanda
  9. Luna has just been outside in the garden but this is her right now 💕
  10. Hey, I enjoy drawing in my spare time and have done a couple of commissions for people of their pets. Here are a couple of them Thanks Amanda
  11. Hey, Had our puppy for nearly a week now. She’s 6 weeks gone Saturday. The breeder let her go early because her Mam had rejected the puppies. My question is, what is the best way to stop biting? I’ve read conflicting info online and was wanting to know from actual owners on what works and what doesn’t. What we should do and what we shouldn’t? I read we should grab the scruff. Is this correct? Should it be done every time the puppy bites? Should we grab it and then take her to the floor on her side? Thanks Amanda
  12. Thanks everyone. She really is a cutie and so much personality already lol. Love her mischievous looking face 😊 She’s currently curled up next to me in bed. First time we’ve owned a Husky or a big dog for that matter but looking forward to watching her grow 💗
  13. Hey everyone, I’m Amanda from Sunderland in the UK and this is myself and my boyfriends beautiful Husky puppy. Her name is Luna and we absolutely adore her. We’ve only had her since Tuesday but love her so much already 🌙🐶😬💗 Thanks Amanda

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