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  1. Ok great! Yes his stool is def normal and his vet says his weight is ok. He gets lots of running and play time as well. He also loves bits of veggies and fruits. He basically eats lots of what I do. Lol. Except peanut butter which he hates.
  2. Hi All, just a little guidance. My baby is turning 1 year old next week. He’s happy and healthy. My only issue is that he always seems hungry. I feed him 1 cup of food twice a day. Sometime I drop it to 1 3/4 per day if I give him little bits of chicken or eggs or meat. But that’s not too often. I find sometimes he gets bored with his food so I add little things to the mix every now and again. But I feel like if I give him another cup he’s def gonna eat it. I know huskies generally don’t require as much food as other brands but he’s been getting pretty much the same amount of food since I got him in February this year. Does this seem right? Im wondering if that’s the reason he’s chewing on my plants and eating all my parsley from my garden.
  3. Hello. I’m Stephanie. So excited to join the group with my baby Oreo. He’s a 9 month old Siberian 22kg. Full of love and spirit.
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