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  1. I updated (edited) my intro by attaching an image but it never showed. thanks

    1. Foxy_Roxy


      Nevermind, I fixed it.  

    2. Marc


      That will teach me not to read the reply before looking LOL


  2. Hi, my name is Roxy and I just turned two, a week ago. I am a full grown miniature Siberian Husky (not Klee Kai or Pomsky). I weigh 21.5 lbs. and I am approximately 15.5 - 16 inches in height. I love people, but my favorite is my human dad, who I constantly follow all over the house. I also love other dogs. The humans tell me that I am very sweet. And, I have never gotten upset or growled at anyone. My favorite hobby is running around and play fighting with my human dad, etc. And, I am very spoiled: I get to sleep with my human parents every night and in the morning I like to get at le
  3. Thanks, I will post more information in a bit.  


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