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  1. I'm surprised that they can eat fish with bones, teeth, etc. I would be worried about it being too sharp. But thank you both for your replies ☺️
  2. He definitely is not on the chunky side since he's pretty lean and I was worried if I was even feeding him enough since he seems skinny 😅 I don't feed exclusively raw; I feed him kibble in the morning and chicken carcass for dinner in the evening. I know Royal Canin isn't very popular around here but I only just got him and it was what his previous owners were feeding him so I'm sticking with it for this bag and then I might switch to TOTW or something similar. Thank you for all the information ☺️ If I were to give him fish, does it have to be free of bone? Can I also ask how much you feed your dogs per meal?
  3. I've been feeding my boy a chicken carcass for dinner for a little over a week now and he really enjoys it and seems to be doing well on it. I'm wondering if I'm feeding him enough, though. Should I be feeding him two for dinner instead of just one? The chicken carcasses are about 210g each, give or take. He's a little over 8 months old and weighs 19kgs.
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