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  1. He’s going to be five this November. We are almost done with the Prednisone now and we are scheduling our follow up appointment with the vet for next week to learn more about what direction we need to take. It’s hard on him to not go for his walks, too. We’re trying to keep him mentally engaged with training and activities that are not physical, but you can tell he doesn’t understand why he can’t go on walks right now.
  2. Sorry to hear about your baby. I didn’t think this was common for huskies at a young age. My other husky didn’t get back issues until she was around 11. As for the meds, that’s what I’m thinking we will end up doing. I’m not sure surgery is the right choice at the moment since he’s responding very well to medication. I guess time will tell if we need to go that route. I wish we had a doctor like that here as well. I’m definitely trying to do my research to find someone. I’m at a loss since I can’t even see what they’re talking about in his X-rays. I will Google Dr. Fitzpatrick.
  3. Hi Everyone, My sweet little boy was whimpering after his walk last week and then through the night. I took him to the vet and learned he has a bad back. One disc in his neck is calcifying and he has a few ruptured discs in his lower back. I’m heartbroken. I’ve been doing some research on back issues and the information about dogs and spine issues is outright terrifying. My boy is currently on steroids to reduce the inflammation and he clearly feels better, but I realize this is the tip of the iceberg of the rest of his life. So I’m asking; has anyone dealt with back issues? I know we are at the start of a long journey. What direction did you go with treatment and pain relief? I’m researching holistic treatments, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage... I’m overwhelmed. Any advice you have for a broken-hearted mom is much appreciated.
  4. I’m glad Marley is doing better. 🐾
  5. So I double-checked the ingredients on his food. No potatoes and no soy. However, it does contain rice and oats. He never had a reaction to the food before and we’ve been on it for about a year, now. It’s so hard to know what he’s really allergic to. My vet recommended the current food we are on, but I might try a raw diet in the future if we find this is a food thing. Thanks for all the advice. It makes me feel better knowing that other husky owners have their own little delicate pups, too. I seem to have 50/50 thing with my huskies; one perfectly healthy dog and another one that’s a sensitive little thing. I guess that’s just how things turn out. Good thing he’s totally worth it! 😀
  6. Update! We went to the vet and he’s definitely got definitely allergies. We are currently doing medication to get the itchiness under control. We saw improvement 1 day and now that it’s really in his system, Nacho is a different boy. He’s frisky, doing zoomies again and he’s NOT chewing and scratching. Phew! Now the real issue: what is he allergic to? Everything, probably. He’s my delicate flower. I’m going to spend some quality time on the feeding threads here. Could be food. Could be environmental, too. Any suggestions are welcome.
  7. I think he’s allergic to something. This morning I noticed him scratching his muzzle. He’s now got a rash on his muzzle and has scratched it so it’s bleeding. We’ve scheduled an appointment with our vet. Poor baby.
  8. So Nacho is at it again. My delicate boy has yet ANOTHER issue coming up. (Poor little guy!) He is obsessively licking his paws. He’s done it before, and a vet told me it was allergies, but that vet knew nothing about huskies. However, with much internet research, I figured it’s not a bad idea to rule things out. He is on grain free food, we have eliminated chicken and gets a mostly fish and potato based diet. I noticed paw licking in the past and it decreased when removed the chicken from the diet. Before we saw the great improvement with Zinc supplementation, I assumed that all the coat issues he was having were allergies, too. Is it possible he has allergies and zinc deficiency and they are both working against him? Last night the poor guy licked his paws all night. I’ve checked them out; no foreign bodies no sores, no rashes. I gave him a Benadryl because he was so intense on his licking and he finally seems calm and not obsessively licking today. I haven’t changed anything in his diet and he wasn’t obsessively licking earlier this year. Do you think it could be environmental? I noticed the increase in licking with the longer dog walk route. Could he be stepping on something he’s allergic to? Could it be something seasonal? It’s cooler in Phoenix now and so he’s spending so much more time in the back yard. Anyone experienced this before? He’s so darn sweet, it breaks my heart to see him so itchy!
  9. So we upped his Zinpro by 15mg. His nose seems to be doing a little better. He still has a little rash around his mouth, but I would definitely say there is improvement.
  10. I am giving Nacho Zinpro. He seems to be improving with the increase of zinc. His coat is getting better and the sores on his nose have gone away since we started. He doesn’t have seizures, though.
  11. Mine only howl when they’re in trouble and get scolded, or you ask them to do something they don’t want to do.
  12. Thanks for all the information, everyone! I had read the article before, but I haven’t found any other sources that have corroborated those dosage recommendations. I usually try to find multiple sources; you guys are definitely a source. I decided to up the zinc another 15mg and see what happens. I know that article says zinc toxicity takes a lot of zinc, but I also worry that changing too much too quickly can shock the system. Has anyone found a brand for cheleated zinc or zinc citrate? Right now we do the zinc methione and do administer it with food, but I’d prefer to do something a little more absorbable. Thanks! .
  13. Thanks to all your responses! Nappy cream suggestion and the bag balm are definitely some things to try. I haven’t gone completely raw with his diet because I haven’t done the research to make sure it’s balanced. I noticed a thread on this website, but I’m also trying to work on minimizing variables as I change them so I can pinpoint where and when certain things make a difference. Since I’m seeing an improvement since zinc supplementation, I’m working on finding the correct dosage for that, too. I’ve thought about increasing his zinc beyond the 45 mg of supplementation he’s already getting, but I also know you can overdose with zinc. Has anyone ever done a higher dose of zinc than is recommended on the Zinpro bottle? Thanks again for all your help.
  14. I know I’m a total newbie, but I found this forum about huskies as I was looking up zinc deficiency and ZRD. I think my little boy has zinc deficiency/ZRD. At one point he shed all his guard hairs and was just undercoat. So with the blessing of my vet, I started Zinpro. His guard hairs are growing back a little, so that’s a definite improvement. He also has the skin rashes that get all scabby on his nose only right now. My boy is a 60 lbs and I give him the recommended dose for his weight. While I’ve seen a big improvement since we started zinc, he still seems to get the rash on his nose and his guard hairs haven’t grown back completely. I was hoping there might be others in this community that might be able to offer us some support. Below is shot of my little boy’s nose. It was once completely scabbed, but the scabs don’t seem to completely go away, either. I guess I’m looking for some support, advice and any tips this community might recommend. Thank you so much! As an aside, I spent an ungodly amount of money taking him to a vet and a dermatologist to make there there wasn’t something wrong. He came back with every workup as perfectly healthy. Again. Thank you for any tips and support.
  15. Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome! These are my babies. I’m a VERY proud mama!
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