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  1. So very sorry for your loss. Praying for comfort and solace for you and the rest of your pack ❤️
  2. Ohh yes! Floki loves to go after crickets, and the little blue tailed skinks! 🤣
  3. Something that worked for my boy's mouthy behavior was that every time he would bite/mouth our hands, we said "toy!" He learned that if he brings a toy to play with, we will continue to give attention, but if he doesn't (and continues biting), we will get up and walk away.
  4. Lol, he sounds like a little monkey!😄 I love when they get those excited zoomies too! Floki loves the water too, but only if he can touch the bottom. Here he is being a big fraidy cat, and hitching a ride with my husband instead of swimming, lol! He did love running thru the waves in the ocean though!
  5. Gorgeous animals and stunning photography!
  6. He sounds like an amazing pup! I have to admit, I laughed out loud about him wanting the car all to himself! My boy Floki is usually only vocal in two situations - as a greeting for his family, and when he gets a sassy mouth after being scolded. It's like he's saying, "It wasn't my fault! He started it!" or "That's not fair! All the other huskies are doing it!" A couple of weeks ago, he kept trying to wrestle with my pig (yes, pig), and they were both driving me crazy. I said, "Floki, stop it!" and as usually, he started howling about it. I looked right at him and said, "I don't care WHO started it, I said stop it!" Oh my gosh, he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me like, "Holy mackeral, she understood me!" Then he went and sat down, lol! Like you, I thought for sure he would "talk" a lot more in response to other audible stimuli, like sirens, or other dogs barking/howling. But it's really just for whining!
  7. We use a shedding blade, and it works great. The blower is a good idea as well.
  8. Apollo is adorable! So sorry for you recent losses. This is my Floki - we are in Maryland as well! Calvert County, so about an hour from you...
  9. Just wanted to share some cute pics of my cuddlebug, Floki... He loves his teddy bear... Tongues out Tuesday! He is one long, lean boy!
  10. When I'm not plucking it out in clumps, I use an undercoat rake and a windy day, lol!
  11. I followed Athos' page - he's beautiful!
  12. We tend to name our pets after our favorite characters from tv and movies. We named our boy Floki after a character in the show Vikings, because of the mask around his eyes (and he was a really cool character).
  13. There are also several congenital eyelash conditions that could cause such a condition, but I assume your vet has probably checked for those. In regard to the raw diet, there are lots of folks on this forum who feed raw, and could tell you how to do it. Whatever has been causing the issue, I hope you can find a workable solution for your baby!
  14. I don't have any experience with this, so I didn't want to speak out of turn, but when I googled the symptom, I also looked at the websites the pictures were connected to. The two suggestions that came up were periocular dermatitis and canine eyelid disease, also called Blepharitis. Periocular dermatitis is typically caused by either a parasite or a food allergy. A lot of huskies do have multiple food allergies, so if you haven't already, maybe try switching to gluten-free or a raw diet. Also have the vet check for a parasitic cause. Blepharitis is caused by a staph or strep infection, and can easily be treated with at least a three week course of antibiotics (Cephelaxan). I hope these suggestions help get your sweet boy some relief!
  15. Wow, she's really beautiful!
  16. Floki (just over 1 year) is also slim and bony. Like you said, I can feel his spine easily. He's fed twice per day, but often only eats once. He gets kibble and sardines or mackeral every day. I think he just has a slim build, because he is otherwise healthy.
  17. My daughter brings her cat home for college breaks and we also had her for 6 months while daughter studied abroad. Kitty did fine, as long as she always had high and/or husky inaccessible places to go. We also used the baby gate method upstairs, and had it raised enough so kitty could go under, but husky could not. My boy Floki prefers the chase to the catch, so fortunately, once the cat was inaccessible, he typically lost interest and moved on to his next adventure. That said, they were never left alone together in the same space. Sometimes it's a pain to constantly monitor, but we also have an indoor pet pig, so we are already used to doing that on a daily basis, lol.
  18. My boy Floki is a slim guy too, but really, I think he just doesn't require much food! His muscle tone is good, and his coat is shiny (although he too loses hair year round) He gets 1-1/2 cups of kibble + salmon or mackeral twice daily, but many times, he just eats the fish out of one meal, and finishes all of the other.
  19. This guy here took it to a whole new level of crazy this morning! As a former and current husky owner, I'm all too aware of their habit of playing "King of the Mountain" in an effort to get the highest vantage point, to be able to see/hear/smell as much as possible. This morning, my husband said he heard the school bus (the same one Floki jumped onto yesterday for a ride), then saw a blur pass by our 2nd story window. Thought he was still half asleep, til he saw it again and realized that Floki was ON THE ROOF! Apparently, he was watching the kids get on the bus, and man, he really likes that bus, lol! So he popped out the screen and ran across the roof for a closer look! Hubby got him back in pretty quickly, but Jiminy Crickets, what's a girl to do - bar the windows??🤣
  20. Ditto what PaulG said! 😂❤️
  21. I have no idea, but she sure is a beauty!
  22. Oh, your poor pup (and poor you - I'm sure it breaks your heart to know he's so anxious)! I feel so fortunate that my Floki boy doesn't seem to have anxiety issues. He was also a rescue, but we got him at 12 weeks, so I'm sure that made a huge difference. I know many people with other breeds that suffer with separation anxiety, and many of them use CBD oil to help. You might want to talk to your vet and see if it's an option for your sweet boy, especially if behavior modification doesn't help.
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