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  1. After reading your post, I think Floki may have occasional heartburn as well! He does exactly what you've described, though not all the time. He does eat more veggies than the average dog probably does, because I also have a pet pig, and always offer them both the same snacks, lol. Could you please share what your vet recommended for heartburn relief?
  2. Thanks! Floki loves the water as long as he can touch the ground, lol! We tried to get him to swim in our pool last summer, but he just wanted to be carried around!
  3. As much as my boy Floki loves the snow, he sure did have a ball in the ocean last summer! ❤️
  4. Wow, thanks so much from me and my broken little man, lol! I told him all about his award, and as you can tell, he was super excited! 🤣
  5. Oh my goodness, Kofu is an absolute doll!
  6. This is so accurate, lol! Leaves, bugs, imaginary friends... My boy wants to get them all!
  7. Yes! Mine too! Anytime Floki is being told to do something he doesn't want to, he howls his fool head off, lol!
  8. Floki (husky) loves the pig, and tries to play with him all the time! But his idea of play (nipping at his ears and butt) is annoying to the pig, lol. So the pig just tolerates him. Since they speak different languages (and misinterpretations happen), they are never left alone unsupervised. But every now and again, they just hang out together, lol!
  9. Good one, sooo original, lol. Super smart, super clean, super loyal and affectionate, and only sheds once per year. Don't knock it til you try it
  10. Oh my goodness, he's the sweetest little thing ever!
  11. Fawkes is beautiful! He looks very similar to my Floki boy when he was a pup!
  12. Thanks! Yes, they are super smart- my pig was house trained in two days as well, and that was at 12 weeks old. He rings a bell to go outside, and taught Floki to ring it too, lol!
  13. My boy Floki is not especially fluffy either...
  14. I have Floki (9 month husky), Lip (1-1/2 year pig), and Moz (2 year kitty)
  15. What a sweet looking girl- thank you so much for adopting her into your family! She does look like a red, as the others said. My boy is one too
  16. kellydh

    Morning Ice

    Such a pretty boy!
  17. Because pigs are prey animals, we knew we would need to find a puppy rather than a juvenile or adult husky, so that he could grow up with our piggy and view him as a pack member instead of a meal, lol! They do speak different languages though, so they are never left alone together. Floki constantly wants to play with Lip (the pig), but Lip isn't a fan of having his ears and backside chewed on. And when Lip tries to teach Floki his place in his herd (by making him move with his snout), Floki thinks it's an invitation to play. So basically, the dog loves the pig, and the pig tolerates the dog, lol! It's an interesting dynamic for sure!
  18. Thank you all! I just love him to death, even though he's like Dennis the Menace, lol! Since he is a rescue, I don't know anything about his breeder, but I believe he was taken from his mama too soon. He's been very mouthy since we got him, which we have made progress with and continue to work on. He also sometimes gets too rough when he's really excited. So that's why I'm here (other than the obvious reason of seeing your GORGEOUS fur baby pics!), to learn some productive tips and tricks for turning my Floki boy into a better behaved young man! By the way, is everyone else's husky a contortionist, or is it just mine, lol? We call him pretzel dog!
  19. Hey everyone! I'm brand new here and would like to introduce myself, and of course, my husky! My name is Kelly, and I'm from Owings, MD. I am mom to Floki, a nine month old husky boy who we adopted from our SCPA at 12 weeks old. He's a typical husky (we had another husky a long time ago, and were already familiar with their "unique" traits and habits, lol!) He's hyper, stubborn, playful, strong, boneheaded, sweet, loving and very vocal! I am also mom to 5 daughters, one pig, and a cat, lol! Needless to say, our household is quite the adventure! Here are some pics of my Floki-Loki, from puppy stage to present!
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