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  1. This guy here took it to a whole new level of crazy this morning! As a former and current husky owner, I'm all too aware of their habit of playing "King of the Mountain" in an effort to get the highest vantage point, to be able to see/hear/smell as much as possible. This morning, my husband said he heard the school bus (the same one Floki jumped onto yesterday for a ride), then saw a blur pass by our 2nd story window. Thought he was still half asleep, til he saw it again and realized that Floki was ON THE ROOF! Apparently, he was watching the kids get on the bus, and man, he really likes that bus, lol! So he popped out the screen and ran across the roof for a closer look! Hubby got him back in pretty quickly, but Jiminy Crickets, what's a girl to do - bar the windows??🤣
  2. Ditto what PaulG said! 😂❤️
  3. I have no idea, but she sure is a beauty!
  4. Oh, your poor pup (and poor you - I'm sure it breaks your heart to know he's so anxious)! I feel so fortunate that my Floki boy doesn't seem to have anxiety issues. He was also a rescue, but we got him at 12 weeks, so I'm sure that made a huge difference. I know many people with other breeds that suffer with separation anxiety, and many of them use CBD oil to help. You might want to talk to your vet and see if it's an option for your sweet boy, especially if behavior modification doesn't help.
  5. This is amazing! Awesome camper and lovely pups!
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  8. yup, even though he knows he's not supposed to go inside or in his crate, he may just not have full bladder control all night yet. If he's crated, he probably doesn't intend to roll in it, there just may not be anywhere else to lay in the space.
  9. My boy Floki is extremely chill at home - loves to cuddle, lays around, and has the gentlest mouth I've ever seen on a dog! Outside, he is a completely different beast,! I think fresh air is his drug, lol! I will say that as a pup, I could let him off lead for a bit to play fetch and run some zoomies, but now, at one year old, I would never be able to that.
  10. So sweet! He looks very much like my boy Floki!
  11. Wow, that's crazy! We can't sit on the couch (or anywhere else for that matter), without him plopping down right on top of us. I mean, I'm not complaining, he's a great snuggle buddy! He also loves to nibble my ears, lol!
  12. Vetricin is excellent for cuts, abrasions, etc. It's an antibiotic spray and can typically be found at Tractor Supply stores (says the lady with a pet pig, lol!)
  13. His body looks similar to my Floki's - long, tall and lean, not as fluffy as some... Your boy is super cute, btw!
  14. After reading your post, I think Floki may have occasional heartburn as well! He does exactly what you've described, though not all the time. He does eat more veggies than the average dog probably does, because I also have a pet pig, and always offer them both the same snacks, lol. Could you please share what your vet recommended for heartburn relief?
  15. Thanks! Floki loves the water as long as he can touch the ground, lol! We tried to get him to swim in our pool last summer, but he just wanted to be carried around!
  16. As much as my boy Floki loves the snow, he sure did have a ball in the ocean last summer! ❤️
  17. Wow, thanks so much from me and my broken little man, lol! I told him all about his award, and as you can tell, he was super excited! 🤣
  18. Oh my goodness, Kofu is an absolute doll!
  19. This is so accurate, lol! Leaves, bugs, imaginary friends... My boy wants to get them all!
  20. Yes! Mine too! Anytime Floki is being told to do something he doesn't want to, he howls his fool head off, lol!
  21. Floki (husky) loves the pig, and tries to play with him all the time! But his idea of play (nipping at his ears and butt) is annoying to the pig, lol. So the pig just tolerates him. Since they speak different languages (and misinterpretations happen), they are never left alone unsupervised. But every now and again, they just hang out together, lol!
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