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  1. Wow, thanks so much from me and my broken little man, lol! I told him all about his award, and as you can tell, he was super excited! 🤣
  2. Oh my goodness, Kofu is an absolute doll!
  3. This is so accurate, lol! Leaves, bugs, imaginary friends... My boy wants to get them all!
  4. Yes! Mine too! Anytime Floki is being told to do something he doesn't want to, he howls his fool head off, lol!
  5. Floki (husky) loves the pig, and tries to play with him all the time! But his idea of play (nipping at his ears and butt) is annoying to the pig, lol. So the pig just tolerates him. Since they speak different languages (and misinterpretations happen), they are never left alone unsupervised. But every now and again, they just hang out together, lol!
  6. Good one, sooo original, lol. Super smart, super clean, super loyal and affectionate, and only sheds once per year. Don't knock it til you try it
  7. Oh my goodness, he's the sweetest little thing ever!
  8. Fawkes is beautiful! He looks very similar to my Floki boy when he was a pup!
  9. Thanks! Yes, they are super smart- my pig was house trained in two days as well, and that was at 12 weeks old. He rings a bell to go outside, and taught Floki to ring it too, lol!
  10. My boy Floki is not especially fluffy either...
  11. I have Floki (9 month husky), Lip (1-1/2 year pig), and Moz (2 year kitty)
  12. What a sweet looking girl- thank you so much for adopting her into your family! She does look like a red, as the others said. My boy is one too

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