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  1. Awww I hope she recovers well. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  2. I guess I read that somewhere. Can’t remember where. But yeah, we wouldn’t be forcing exercise so much rather controlling anxiety and aggression, I’ve read huskies can destroy houses if they’re bored! Lol. We’ll see how he reacts and give him enough exercise to keep him happy. Treadmill will be around in case if both my husband and I aren’t enough to keep him happy. Sent from my iPhone
  3. Why thank you! Any place with dogs and dog people would definitely be the best place to be! Pretty sure we’ll get along well. Kinda reminds me of this song called “Get Along - Kenny Chesney”. A song with a very good message! We’re all different people with different breeds of dogs but we all can love, respect and live in peace with each other. Pretty sure if the world was filled with more dog people, it’d be a much better place! Funny story about the song, it mentions Virginia but the video is almost entirely shot near where I live in Florida! Represents my area rather well. Link to Song : Sent from my iPhone
  4. As soon as I get’em! You’ll see’em! Sent from my iPhone Why thank you! I’ve done a few hours of research, pretty sure there’s a lot more learnin to do. Booked a treadmill because i can’t walk’em for 4 hours! I know not to shave his fur and not to give him baths too often. I know they don’t like dry food much. Applying for more licenses to take’em to a dog park nearby as often as possible. I’m gonna try and walk him for at least 30 mins outside everyday, my hubby might take his go daily as well. When I saw him in the cage (cropped picture included) he melted my heart! Our play session in the play area for a few mins was sure to seal the deal. I hope we can keep each other company for years! My phone was runnin low on batteries so I just have this one picture for now. Sent from my iPhone Yup, you’re right. We don’t know what the poor animal has been through with the previous owner. Luckily I’ve got patience and time, and no shortage of love. The rest is something we’ll have to learn and pick up from books, training sessions, and other people nearby, plus y’all! Hopefully we can give him a much better home and family than wherever he was. Sent from my iPhone Why thank you! I hope the road ahead is easy too. We’re prepared if it isn’t. It’s unlike our family to give up on its members. I should know! I gave my mom and pop quite a few headaches but they’re still around for me. No reason I can’t learn at least that from’em. Where we are we have a sayin - Go big or go home! I follow that to my hearts content! These two are a start. We’ll see if, when and how much we can expand the family more! Sent from my iPhone Hah! You’re not wrong! I’m not always talkin but when you get me goin, it’s something! Thank you for the warm welcome. I’m feelin nice about joinin already! Sent from my iPhone
  5. Hello Everyone! What brought me to this site? Well strap on for a ride, this'll be a story! I am Elsa and I am from the countryside of Florida. I've had many dogs as companions during my lifetime, most of'em during my childhood / early years. Now that I am in a position again to be able to care for a doggo properly, I started looking online for adoption & buying options. Saw online that there was a cute little teddy bear in a shelter nearby. Decided to check it out, this is a very big shelter where they care for animals very properly, consequently, there's a lot of animals there, including tens to hundreds of dogs. Took me a while to try to locate the one I saw online. Couldn't find her. Asked a few volunteers and even they couldn't find her. Decided to talk to the person in charge, she was already adopted! I said I'm happy for her, but wasn't very happy that I couldn't keep her. To cheer myself up I decided to just walk along the doggos, and to my surprise, there was a Siberian Husky at their shelter! White undercoat, Black coat, Bright Blue Eyes! I was in love! Decided to play with him for a while, he was super responsive to my commands, and wasn't doing something that'd make me suspect of him being treated badly, so no unpredictable behavior. Checked the papers, he was just 3 to barely 4 years old! Why would someone leave him like this!? Anyway, I remembered that I always wanted a husky, but was looking for smaller dogs to get used to having a dog again. But how could I say no to those warm wanting blue eyes!? So I ended up filling the paperwork immediately! I had lost the opportunity to have one dog I wanted today, I WASN'T GOING TO LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! Anyway, this is super unlike me, I like to plan ahead and do things, but this was one of the most spontaneous things I've ever done. Adopted a husky before doing any research! They're gonna take a while to do some medical and paperwork and licensing stuff before they can release him to me, which takes about a week. Which is kinda funny because legally, I've already adopted the dog! Its my dog! But I can't take him with me yet. Oh well! So, I started researching as much as possible about Siberian Huskies, saw this website on a google search page, and started reading. Y'all seem to know a lot about Siberian Huskies, and seem like nice people! Decided to join in with y'all! If you'll have me that is. Side note, my Siberian Husky, hereon forward referred to as Ghost, as named by previous owner, was bonded with another dog, a Chihuahua, Gizmo. Similarity in name, age, and location retrieved from, leads me to believe they were owned by the same people, but the people at the desk can't tell me that. Had to adopt them together, I mean ain't gonna separate the two! Plus I don't think the suits would let me just take Ghost, not that I asked. So, yeah! That's how I got here. I hope y'all'er having a nice evening!
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