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  1. Hey everyone, like the title states I've had this issue for as long as I can remember. My dog would go up to everyone in the family and sniff they're crotch area and it's very annoying....I know dogs are suppose sniff in order to recognize and greet, but he does this every time he passes someone at home constantly! He does not do it to me, because if he does he would get a firm no or a correction. I would correct him if I catch him sniffing, but just after a few minutes he will go up to someone and sniff again, like it never happened!! I've tried different methods of saying "NO", leash correction but nothing works. He is almost 2 years old! And the WORST part is he will do it mostly to my younger sister who cannot correct him or do anything to stop him. It is very upsetting for him to constantly go and sniff everyone especially her. And there is no possible way I can be following him to see who he sniffs. Super frustrated so any help is appreciated it!
  2. Got it, thanks! quick question, around when will he grow his undercoat again? Or will he stay looking like this until next winter? I use a rake and a slicker brush and avoid furminator type brushes as I'm afraid it'll cut his guard hairs. ....Why do you ask?
  3. Hey, whats up guys! I had a question about my dogs coat compared to now versus last year. Around these months last year my husky had a very nice and thick coat, but this year it looks like there is no undercoat at all. He was born at the end of July of 2018..so at around 9 months his coat was nice and full. He is about 19 months now and as you can see his undercoat isn't like last years. He is healthy and very energetic and his weight is the same, since he was 9 months old. ......The only difference is, I was feeding him Taste of The wild last year and now I feed him Acana, but I don't think that's the reason?! Any help is appreciated.Thanks! Both pics are taken in this month of April and last years. Today Last year April
  4. Do you mind linking the place you got the exact leather half choke chain for me? I currently use a nylon one and it's been cutting his fur where the links are, and he now has a bald spot Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Would you mind explaining the differences between your GSD and your husky? Like in terms in behavior outside and inside etc.? Haha since this is my first husky, I would love to see how other huskies behave!
  6. Hey, what's up guys! So I'm a little disappointed in myself as I feel I have not trained my husky well and have set him up for failure, even though I did everything I researched and studied, he just turned, 14 months. Here's the thing; I went over to my friends house who has a golden-doodle who is roughly the same age as my husky, and I was blown away by the difference in behavior between mine and his. Soon as I entered the dog seemed happy to see me but nothing jumpy or too crazy, then went to lay around in the living room. While at his place, the dog minded his own business and rarely came to bother me. Then, when we were eating, there was pizza, drinks, and paper napkins on the coffee table, and this dog did not one bit try to eat the food, or take the paper napkins and left it alone. If it were my home, my husky would be going crazy to meet them, constantly going near them, and the thought of food or paper napkins on the coffee table would mean he would try to take and shred them. What has he done that I didn't do? I would say I know more about training than he does. I gave my husky structure from day 1, meaning crate time, training etc. But the golden doodle still acts way more behaved. Have I failed my dog? ......Also, how would your husky act in a situation like this?
  7. Hey guys, literally just got back from a walk with him and super frustrated. These past months the walks have gotten worse and worse and so has his behavior. He is 14 months. I walk him on a choke chain by the way, and he pulls sometimes not always. But anyways today he started pulling so i made a turn 180 walk walked the other way which gave him a correction, he then started to pull again a few times after a couple minutes, this time I made a REALLY firm correction when walking the other way which made him gag and choke a bit after......But even after that a couple minutes later he started to PULL AGAIN?!?!WTF!! ' Another instance, he lunged at a dog so i gave him a sharp correction on the leash, which did nothing as he lunged again at another dog that passed by. Why doesn't he learn from these correction??? I am completely and utterly frustrated and confused. He does't learn from these corrections, and continues to make the same mistake over and over. P.S.- Positive only type training doesn't work with him.
  8. First off, thank you @2Huskyfun for the detailed answer, I really appreciate it. I sorta work on impulse control through place commands but like you said I definitely could increase the training. I think i'll use these tools until my husky is trained out of lunging and other bad leash manner, then switch back to a regular martingale collar. I just don't understand how some countries are banning these tools like prong collars and even crates......freaking crates! These are looked at as torturing the dog when in reality they're a far better option than say leaving a puppy exposed to dangerous things around the house, or rooms, and having a dog choke itself on a flat collar. I just don't get how these are frowned upon by people but they're ok with having thousands of dogs euthanized because of overpopulation in shelters, because they don't want to utilize these tools.
  9. Hey, guys what's up! My guy just turned 1 year a couple months ago and since he was a puppy he had lunging issues and going crazy when meeting people. I tried every positive method using treats, toys and using distance,but none of these methods worked, until i started using corrections. I first started using a choke chain and it worked wonders, he now does not pull or lunge at other dogs, only when wearing it. He still goes crazy around strangers so i started using a prong collar to train him. I got both the choke chain and prong collar with the intention of using them for a short period until I train these bad behaviors away. But my husky has learned that he only receives a firm correction when he is wearing a prong/ or choke chain and knows that the corrections from a regular martingale does not faze him. ....So when he's wearing the martingale he continues to lunge and misbehave. What should I do i'm my case? Continue to use the choke chain?.....He is too stubborn for only positive training when it comes to lunging etc. He wont even open his mouth for the most high value treats. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! -P.S. I fully understand how these tools work and only use them because he walks mostly with a loose leash, I understand that if he is a puller these tools can be dangerous. I didn't just slap these tools on him, but instead taught him leash pressure etc.
  10. Hey guys! My boy has been scratching himself crazy for weeks so i finally decided to go to the vet and get him a chewable nexguard flea med. I gave it to him a couple hours ago and decided to comb him to see how much fleas he has...... and i found he was COVERED in fleas everywhere. I'm talking loads and loads of fleas coming off with the fur when combing. Is there anything else I can do to remove all of the fleas, I was thinking of giving him a bathe with dawn soap., or getting a flea comb I wanted to know if there is anything, anything i can do on top of giving him nexguard to remove his ticks.
  11. Hey guys, what's up! My puppy will turn 1 year next month and I've had him since 9 weeks, everything is going great except that if he finds certain things lying on the floor, he'll immediately pick them up and chew them, such as a small kids toys, paper, remotes plastic, tissues. But he has NEVER chewed up any furniture, walls, socks/shoes or carpet or even picks up sticks etc on walks.....only the small things i've listed he chews up. I try to keep these listed things away from his reach but sometimes my little sister leaves them on the floor. I know many of you will say avoid him from reaching these things, but i want to train him for scenarios where these items are left exposed accidentally. He also is exercised daily, physically and mentally. Will I be able to train him to stop chewing these item if he finds them lying on the floor, if so how? What are training methods i can use to help with this issue? Thanks! -P.S. This is my first dog so i'm not sure if its normal for all dogs to chew on these item.
  12. Hey what's up guys! My guy is turning 1 year in a couple months and I just wanted to see how he is doing in comparison to other huskies that was his age, and see if his current issues are completely normal for his age, and if they will go away with continued training.... Right now the only issues are: - Lunges at other dogs to play when he gets real close, only dogs.(Have gotten a lot better compared to before) - Goes crazy when greeting other people, will jump up and never greet calmly if someone wants to pet him - Sorta can't leave him alone unsupervised, only thing he will guarantee to chew are remotes if left on table -Run out the front door if accidentally opened Did any of you guys have similar issues with your huskies at this age and did they go away with continued training? Is this too many issues for a 1 year old dog? I am a first time husky/dog owner and not sure if these are normal behaviors for a 1 year old dog, so im kinda losing my mind, and so I just wanted to see how other huskies are doing, thanks for your help!
  13. Awesome! It's crazy because when I tried those adult dog weight calculators it would say his adult weight is 52 lbs!! I'm just curious to see of other huskies on here kept growing after 1 year and if so how much.
  14. What's up guys? My puppy is 9 months and he weighs exactly 50 lbs. He has been 49 lbs for the last month or so and I wanted to know if he is done growing, weight and high wise? If not, at what age will he reach his full height and weight. Also, from your personal experience and after seeing other huskies growth how much will my guy weigh as an adult, from his current weight for his age? .....The dad was 56 lbs and the mom was 52 lbs. Thanks
  15. Hey, guys. My puppy has had this scratch around both eyes, which has gotten worse over the last week or so. It started out small but kept getting bigger and bleeding and wouldn't heal because my puppy kept scratching it. I have not put any topical ointment or went to the vet as this seemed like it would heal by itself, but it hasn't only only gets worse as he keeps scratching himself. How can I help heal this? Should I take him to the vet? Thanks!
  16. What's up guys! So earlier today I thought my 9 month old puppy picked something off the floor in my house so when I went to check, that's when he started to run around thinking it's a game, he only had his collar on. I got scared thinking it was something dangerous so when he ran near me I grabbed him by the collar, that's when he bite me and kept his mouth on my hand. He did leave a mark but drew no blood, I was seriously shocked he would do this as he hasnt done this before. I thought it was a one time thing so I baited him into running around again to see what will happen if I grabbed the collar again, he bite me again. He has always hated when I grab him by the collar, he would always swing his head up like he was about to bite, or even just put his mouth on your hand or arm. He has no aggression issues whatsoever, he just hates when his collar is grabbed. How can I get him to not mind anyone grabbing his collar and get him used to it where he no longer cares? I definitely don't want this to happen when he's an adult and he can do serious damage when I go to grab his collar Thanks for your help!
  17. What's up guys! I'm having trouble getting my 8 month puppy to go into his crate on command. Once I manage to get him in, he loves it inside and can stay for hours without a single whine. He loves his crate and does not have issues staying inside. He 100% knows his crate command but chooses to not go in it, because he is so damn STUBBORN. After being out and its time for his crate he will just lay down and not go in or just look at me and decide to ignore me and not go in. How can I get him to go into his crate on command? I've done it all, throwing kibble inside, holding high value treats inn my hand etc. He just does not want to go in.....I've been late to work on so many occasions because he just refuses to go in because of his stubbornness, he knows the command but doesn't listen. .....This process of getting him in the crate everyday takes soo long!!!
  18. What's up guys! I have sort of a dilemma that I would really appreciate if you can help with. ......After finishing walking my 6 month puppy we come in through the front door and hang out in the living room area for a while, then when I'm about to take him downstairs he just lies on the ground and wont let me pick him up. I have to pick him up because he is terrified to go down our stairs. At first it was kinda cute, but now it is really annoying as he does this every time we get inside the house and it seems i'm always late for somewhere because he refuses to let pick him up and just lays there. He would squirm if i tried to pick him up and just keep turning till i couldn't get a grip on him. And I don't want to forcefully pick him up.....but unfortunately I've had to a few times in the past which looked really uncomfortable for him, but there is no other way to get him on his feet besides forcefully doing so. And he is doing this to be 100% stubborn, and not because he is anxious or fearful etc. He just wont get up! Nothing seems to work, not even the high value treats, pretending to go back outside to go on a walk, trying to play with him..... THIS GUY KNOWS I'M BULLSHITING AND JUST TRYING TO PICK HIM UP!!! How can I fix the issue, any help is appreciated. P.S. This is how he just stays when he knows i'm coming towards him.
  19. What I did to stop mine from pulling was super easy....whenever he started to pull or even just get ahead of me, I would just do a complete 180 turn and keep walking, then if he got ahead again I would turn again and keep walking.... I did this until he realized he should be by my side because he's not the one walking me. Mind you I had to keep turning and walking till he understood. Also I never pet him when he started to walk by my side because that would excite him and want to make him pull.
  20. Hey guys! I have been having this issue for as long as I can remember, my 6 month puppy lunges so much at other dogs while were on our walk. But he does it to play and not at all any aggression or anxiety issues, he just thinks every dogs wants to play so he keeps lunging as soon as he sees them. He use to lung at other people but i'm able to use treats to keep his focus on me until we pass them, but when he sees another dog nothing I have or do will get his attention and stop the lunging.....Now this is a real danger to my puppy because I've had dogs that have taken his lunging the wrong way and tried to lung back and attack, so its very frustrating.. What can I do to stop his lunging, any advice is appreciated!! P.S. Please don't tell me to just get a trainer....I have fixed almost all other problems myself; leash pulling etc. and would like to solve this with your help, as this is the ONLY issue I have with my 6 month puppy!
  21. Hi Guys! I have a quick question that I have been wondering for the longest time....I wanted to know if my puppy will ever reach 60 lbs as a full grown adult? I Know this question may sound crazy but from your own experience and from seeing other huskies growth rates will you be able to tell me. He just turned 6 months a couple days ago and weighs 41 lbs. His mom weighs 52 lbs and the dad weighs 56 lbs. From his current weight plus the parents weight, will he reach 60 lbs as a full adult? ....I mean that's only 20 lbs left and plus don't huskies grow till 2 years?? Now, no matter what my husky weighs, whether 60 lbs or 40 lbs I still love em, but I have been curious about this for a while and it'll help me put it out of my mind if i got an answer. Thanks!! P.S. Again I know this question is absurd but i'm very curious.
  22. Thanks for the reply man, that really helped to know! And i'm ok with spending money on the dog in case of emergencies, like yours. I'm sure you don't pay $300 every month,I didn't know if this was a major surgery that was cost $1000+. Since my dogs is only about 8 weeks when I pick him up, how many vaccinations would I have to give him and how often? Also how much do these vaccinations cost? Is there a website that gives an accurate time when the dog should be given specific vaccinations? Thanks! Sorry guys, I know it may seem like i want to be spoon fed every information. But i wanted a reliable and accurate source of info on this stuff.
  23. What's up guys! This is my first post and i'm excited to be a part of this forum. I am buying a Siberian husky from a breeder and had some concerns and if you could help me out, i'd really appreciate it! It is a 7½ week old male, and the breeder told me when they took him to the vet for a final examination, the vet said everything is healthy, except only one of the testicles hasn't descended yet. The vet said they couldn't locate it, and the breeder said they didn't want to do a further examination because it was so common. I plan to neuter him but i'm afraid if i end up buying the husky and the testicle doesn't drop, I'll have a massive bill on my hands, for the additional surgery...Or worse the dog will develop cancer. Should I look for another husky? I really came to like this specific one, and was looking forward to buying him, but I don't want to spend lots of money because of this issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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