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    Husky or mixed?

    I know, she should have stayed with her mom, most of my family doesn't know the appropiate age for getting a pup and her mom wasn't in the best conditions. At least Krista ended up in a nice home, who knows how the other pups are. Here's a picture of her parents
  2. Hi everyone, I just adopted a puppy last week from a cousin who bought her but couldn't take care of here anymore since his mom was recently detected cancer and has no time to take care of the pup. The seller told him she was a purebreed husky, he showed him her parents and siblings and they did look like huskies, but while I was researching about the breed I saw many pictures of husky pups and my little girl doesn´t look like them very much, mostly because she has shorter hair. She is the sweetest pup I've ever seen and I love her regardless if she's mixed or purebreed but out of curiosity I would like to know your opinions. Does she look purebreed or mixed? She's 6 weeks old, her name is Krista and her ears have'nt stood up yet.
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Andrea but you can just call me Andy. Found this site while I was researching about huskys and I'm very glad to be here and meet you all. I just adopted a puppy a few weeks ago and she became my little sweetheart Krista, I'm not sure if she's a purebreed husky or a mix but I love her regardless. Nice to meet you all and I would love to se pics of your huskies.
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