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    Thibideau is our rescue pup, we call him Tibs. This dog is me but in dog form. Sam is Mom and Derick is Dad.
    Rescued him from a kill shelter at almost 8 years old and have committed to giving him the bestest doggy life even with all of his medical malfunctions that were not disclosed to us at adoption.

    He's so sassy.

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  1. BingBlaze n Skyla: We brought him in to our vet after his first three seizures to make sure there wasn't anything underlying, like we accidentally fed him something he's violently allergic to, and his fluid work and everything all looks perfectly healthy. His medical records report him being consistently underfed, but he's a healthy weight now. Our vet said that there isn't any way for them to tell what's causing a seizure unless they are doing a neurological exam like an EEG while he's actively having a seizure, and doggies with epilepsy as bad as we've been experiencing -usually- start having episodes much younger than he is now, but it's definitely a possible and likely diagnosis if they can't find anything else, and then it's just management to make him comfortable. The only troubling thing in his medical records was a tissue mass/tumor of some kind where his nuts used to be that was found and removed when he was about 4 years old, but almost no mention of seizures except a small, footnote comment that he "may have had a minor seizure 3-4 months ago maybe," on a follow-up appointment for the tissue mass surgery in 2014, but no mention of them at all after that. That's why I'm wondering if this could be an extremely emotional reaction to being abandoned by the family he lived with his whole life, and he's just having a hard time adjusting, since seizures can be triggered by rapid changes in brain activity, and if anyone else has seen a similar reaction in their huskies.
  2. Hello everyone, This will be my first post here on the forum, My boyfriend and I recently rescued an 8 year old husky fluff from a shelter. We've had him a little over a month (adopted August 2nd, 2018), and he has had 12 very severe and scary seizures with us, and one episode that we think was a *very* mild seizure, where he sniffled, sneezed, went limp, and was coming in and out of consciousness. He was surrendered with absolutely no medical records, so we had *no* idea what we were getting into, or that he was so old, because the shelter thought he was no older than 6. We've since been able to get them, and there's only one brief mention of seizures when he was 4 that didn't result in any follow-up, let alone diagnosis or prescriptions. I've had dogs before, and so has my boyfriend, but have never had to contend with seizures before. We have a preferred vet, who advocated the use of CBD oil for his also very severe seperation anxiety, which has also shortened the duration of the seizures from two and a half to almost 3 minutes to less than 2 minutes (it's progress in my eyes!,) the post-ictol phase where he is deaf, blind, and very weak is much shorter, and also the amount of time it takes for him to return fully to the goofy fluffball he is has significantly improved to just a couple of hours instead of several days. The only pattern we've recognized is that they only happen late Tuesday evenings and early (2:30am) Wednesday mornings, which is the dead-center of the work week, and we both wake up before 6am for work, and he looks spacey and sleepy the hours leading up to one. When we stay up with him until he relaxes and lays down after a seizure, we don't get -any- sleep, and if we try to go to sleep anyway, he will bark non-stop unless we are sitting up and staring at him. Sometimes he has just one a week, and other times, he'll have three of them within a 15 hour time frame. So I have 2 questions... One--Does anyone else have experience with a similar situation? How do you get sleep? We want to sleep. We're so tired. If the answer is as simple as "suck it up," I can deal with that too. Two--Could the heartbreak of being abandoned by the family he's lived with for eight years be the cause of this? Since this does not appear to have been an issue when he was abandoned, could this potentially be a temporary reaction to adjusting to his new family? His sniffling reminds me of the videos you see of sad dogs missing their owners when they pass or give them to shelters. You know what videos I'm talking about. If there's any information I'm missing that's vital, let me know. I'm just looking for opinions and input, not necessarily veterinary advice Thanks for reading! Thibideau the Husky, Sam (mom) and Derick (dad)
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