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  1. My husky is 1yr old now. He doesn't listen to me at all. He's been to puppy bootcamp for 3 weeks. He's great for him, but at home he just does what he wants. Does this behavior subside after he grows up? I've limited his freedom and I try to show him that I'm the leader of our pack but, he thinks he still is!! He's a bit rough when playing and poops and pees whenever and wherever he pleases. We take him out all the time too! I've almost reached the end of my rope. We love him and would never give him up. Help!!
  2. Hi, I'm BaltoSalisbury. I'm new here. I'm also a first time Siberian Huskey mom. I've never this before, so forgive my fumbling around, lol.... Balto!! He is a bit crazy!
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