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  1. Your huskys are beautiful! Im looking for another companion after a year and a half of missing Nikki Hi, they are beautiful. can you assist me [n locating a light grey husky pup? Oh, Ok Im new here...thanks for the heads up
  2. Hi everyone, my name is Dennis and I found this site and decided to become a member. I love Siberians and had the privilege of owning a beautiful girl named "Nikki" for fifteen years until she passed a year and a half ago. I'm looking forward to sharing information and getting to know other husky owners on this forum. I am now in search of a new Husky puppy. Attached is a group of Huskies that I am interested in . Also attached is a pic of "Nikki" to share. I would like to find a light grey puppy with similar markings as shown in the attached. I live in New Jersey and willing to travel within a reasonable distance to purchase a new puppy. Can anyone help me with a reputable source for my quest to find a new Husky. I have been on sites but I thought I would receive more inside information here. Looking forward to meeting others here Thank you Dennis
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