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    I'm a mommy of two Siberian Huskies. 1 male and 1 female. We really love going outside and exercising and playing! All I do is just stay home and love my fur babies!
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    I paint, draw and train my puppies
  1. Hello everyone! My name is Sapphire and I am from Texas. I have two beautiful husky puppies. I first had the one male, Zakai. About 16 weeks after I had Zakai I thought that he needed a playmate so he wont be so lonely when I'm away at school. So I brought home a 10 week female husky puppy named Periwinkle. Zakai loves to play with Periwinkle. But the problem is that whenever I try to play with him, he does not want to play with me! He would rather play with Periwinkle. After I exercise Zakai and Periwinkle I separate them so I can work with them individually to train. I try to train Zakai using toys and playtime to create a better bond with him but he just wants to leave whichever room we're in so he can play with Periwinkle. He will not even look at me no matter how many times I call his attention. He will just stay looking at the door. And I try to be as exciting and interesting as I possibly can, goofing around, making funny noises, but nothing works. So then I try to train him with treats and the same thing. He does not listen to me. I have tried separating them 3 times a day so I can train them. I taught him all the basics. I just want to teach him a lot more new things. Periwinkle is such a good girl. She listens and she's focused. I have no problem with her. It's Zakai that won't give me the time of day. So, fellow husky owners, I reach out desperately, please help me and tell me what I must do.
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