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  1. Beautiful fur baby! Sierras pupils have returned to normal size at one point her eyes did look just like Ava’s light colored eye ...with very light cataracts.
  2. BBAva is it possible to see a picture? Did her pupils ever turn to little dot for example if u were to make a dot with a Permanent marker ( that’s the only way I can explain it ) ...... the specialist won’t be able to see her for another week ....their suppose to be a good one was recommend to me by the animal hospital.....
  3. Thank you for the advice ....... her breathing has been just fine no coughing or anything out of the ordinary doctor said her nasal passages were clear .... I actually took her to a few different vets and they checked her and say cataracts but I have had a dog with cataracts and it’s seems so different .... they checked for diabetes and heart worms just in case and she was clear ...... she and her siblings are inside dogs and none of them have wats going on with her.... she’s up to date on all her vaccinations ..... she just randomly woke up with her eye like that ...... just like the other eye it just happens ..... I have to make another appointment for this eye . I will suggest those and see what this vet says I just know it’s not cataracts her pupil in person is just too off ..... I’m wanting her to have an MRI Incase somethings wrong with her brain
  4. I originally took my Sierra to the vet where they said it was Cataracts and she may be going blind...... her eye was a little swollen one of her pupils were so tiny her hey had some Cloudiness to it..... Now that eyes back to normal ( all but not as bright and cataracts still there) ....... But now the other eyes doing the same exact thing ....... i just need need something to ask the doctor about because it’s like their all clueless one what’s going one with her and I really don’t think it’s just Cataracs.... if anyone can just throw some ideas out there to ask doctors it’s just scary the 1st to photos are the ones taken today while the next ones are taken when she first started having problems then she was switched from the first eye drops to the second Uveitis or whatever this may be
  5. Thank you BBava....I will include those in their diets.
  6. Sorry for the late update been taking care of her...There was no scratches found ( yes they used the drops turned out the lights and her eye was clear with both vets but the second vet noticed what looked like cataracts on her eye and said there’s signs that she may be going blind ....especially since her pupil shrank. They said it happens a lot with huskies and if she is she will need surgery after the fact .... she said it was nothing that she knew of the will prevent it . They gave her an antibiotic (they are hoping it’s an infection since her eye did swell ) and nxt week she has a follow up where they will recheck ...... if they still see it they will write a referral to the specialist..... I’m just worried...... does anyone know anything that may aid and stopping or slowing down blindness. Thank you me too! Sad and scary seeing her like this she was givin this in hopes it’s an infection they say it looks like it can be an eye infection and blindness
  7. I did not want to waste any time so I took her to the hospital last night they were unsure what was wrong..... I’m going to go to another vet office Monday ( not her regular vet) to see if they know. Still if nothing changes I will find myself going to other vets /hospitals because someone has to know something..... her pupil is almost back to normal but the films there still..... yet still her pupil still shrinks to a tiny dot. This is really bothering hopefully it’s just an infection and the doctor missed it. They just said to wait a day or two to see if it changes.... I will update if anything’s found....Hopfully I’ll know soon
  8. would that cause her pupil to remain small and it looks like a cloudy film over her eye..... it’s natrually different shades of blue now it looks grey greenish ..... hard to explain but it has a dusty marble effect.
  9. Yes I’m most definitely looking for anything else out the ordinary if no change I’m gonna take her to the animal hospital. She has female sibling and it never happened to them and she’s a inside dog .... up to date on all vaccinations. Eats the same meal everyday her and sister only play..... dog food has all the same ingredients Pedigree (I’m hoping it’s not a bad batch) ..... She has not been fixed but she’s never around males at all.... I’m just wanting some kind of ideas just Incase the vet says it’s nothing and it be something ( has happened in another situation with my friends dog) She’s a full Siberian Husky so was wondering if this was common
  10. I have not seen any redness or scratches ( not saying there’s not) Her eyes don’t seem dry ... I’ve been giving compresses I’ve had her for a yr got her as a baby sorry I’m new to forums I’m just learning how to use them
  11. My fur baby Honey woke me up this morning and I noticed one of he pupils we’re dilated and her eye colors no longer blue in that eye. It’s very cloudish. Her behavior is still the same. She keeps it squinted at times. This has never happened. Her doctor can’t see her till the midddle of week. Has anyone seen this before? B8DCFE2B-64F4-46E0-8D68-23DA36A64E32.MOV F0C638BF-DB6D-4060-AE6D-7DF6FD966CA7.MOV
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