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  1. We took in a second Husky a little over a year ago so he would have a good home, however we are having some awful behavior problems with him. I have never had a dog that absolutely doesn’t listen or learn. He has food aggression with my female husky and will tussle with her if she even enters the room where his food is. He has a good 50 pounds on her and am afraid he is going to injure her. However, my main concern is that he has started biting our human friends that enter the house. We keep him gated in the kitchen so he is separated when we have company but now he has gotten ahold of two people good enough to break the skin. I really am concerned I need to find him a new home but don’t know how to start the process. I have a new grand baby and definitely can’t take the chance of him hurting her. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  2. Wolfpup i called the vet today and they prescribed painkillers and scheduled an X-ray to check his hips. He is a big guy at 100 lbs and may have bad hips even at 18 months old. We rehomed him from a friend of my daughters so i don’t know anything about where they got him, our other husky is from a breeder with papers but doesn’t matter either way, just want him to be comfortable.
  3. I found this group looking for information on medication for one of my fur babies with joint pain. He is huge and having trouble getting up and down. This forum will be amazing for all things for them!
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