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    How long do huskys shedd? Layla is a inside dog....

  2. Thank you so much I can't wait till she arrives in Nov. Yes Layla very much indeed have a mind of her own.lol. she has really been acting up yoday, she figured out how to open the cabinet that has her treats in them. She's a mess I love her so much though but a big handful.
  3. Yes! She's gets very excited. I got a grand baby coming in Nov. And I got to get her to stop so she want jump on the baby. Thanks everyone. I'm gonna look on the page and kindly push her down with a no no, which she back talks and tells me to leave her alone. Lol. She's always on me as I clean she steady walking with me getting in the way of pushing me with her nose. But I do have to say she is very very spoiled. I got her at 7 weeks old and I've never left her side and she's almost 2 years old. She will listen to me sometimes but sometimes she want. When my husband gets on her for being bad she tells him I want my mama...lol. she's a funny baby
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