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  1. He had to go vets as he he vomited all his food out and didn’t want to risk it he’s been on hills digestive care I/d with pro biotics and handed in some poo samples expensive. hes been on 3 cups a day of the hills for couple of days and poo nearly back to normal. Just a bit wary about trying to change again TOTW. When I was switching the first time was feeding 4 cups a day. He’s up to date on all wormer flea and vaccs. thanks for all the advise people see what vets come back with. It’s like every time I try to move him to a grain free diet just goes horribly wrong 🧐
  2. Hi thank you I shall try feeding less on his next meals and see how we get on. He’s had the runs before but this was like projectile.
  3. Hello, just joined. Am after some advise just transitioned my husky 9 month old to TOTW pacific stream did it very slowly over 2 weeks all was good until he went 100% on TOTW, now has projectile diarreha never seen anything like it before so now am very concerned😢. Just wondering if anyone had issue with this food before? And whether am best waiting it out or switch back to his old food which was through tails.com. Here’s a little pic of my boy 😊 thanks Damian
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