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  1. Thanks everyone! We have her back now and she is passed out.. Excited for the 6am wake up call tomorrow 😂
  2. Today is the big day. We dropped Stella off at the vet earlier today for her spay. She was livid about not getting her breakfast before we left - how dare we. At the pre-consulate the tech told us "10-14" days of rest after the surgery. Not sure how thats going to be possible. 🙃 I've come across two really good articles so far talking about doing "Free Shaping" and other mental stimulation training to keep them satisfied, but I'm not sure how far thats going to take us. We're running out now to stock up on some fresh new toys and extra kongs. Does anyone have any suggestions? How did you get through it?
  3. I'm so sorry . In the past my girlfriend was being harnessed by some maintenance staff that "you better pick up after you f*ckn dog or else" well she was carrying the waste mind you... Luckily that stopped immediately following a conversation with their manager. After our incident I'm reconsidering considering getting a small can of pepper spray to carry on Stellas leash now. Not sure the legality of it in your area - but here in the US its legal.
  4. Thank you everyone Stellas slowly getting there 🤞. She's been really low energy with little bursts of husky puppy energy, and recently she became interested in her toys again! We took her back to get her wound swabbed and cultured - we don't want any risk of infection. I'll keep everyone posted! In the meantime, not even the cone can keep her from her favorite napping spot... 😂
  5. Unfortunately Stella was attacked at the Dog Park. We had been getting really weird vibes whenever we goto the dog park. We'd always show up and someone would shout something along the lines of "My dog doesn't like Huskies hold on while I leave". Stella had been pretty hesitant of dogs in general, but we had made some good progress in the past few Dog park trips. She recently started playing with other dogs! Thankfully, though hesitant she never exhibited any signs of aggression just the typical "I'm overwhelmed please sniff me and let me be on my way" This past Sunday we made a dog playdate with a coworker who's dog was in a similar boat to Stella. Again, upon arrival someone told us to hold on while they leashed up their dog and left. (Ok wtf? Don't go to dog parks) Checking again everyone said they're dogs were fine. No aggression at the first gate - as soon as we step in the rush of dogs come and do their thing - awesome Stella even sniffed back! Just before Stella could go off and have a little fun a curly haired terrier type dog rushes over and corners her. Not even deciding to take the risk we rush over to remove her from the situation - but before we could get there the dog started attacking her. (All in the span of 10-15 seconds). The initial attacks weren't bad, just a few little nips. I got Stella in the air, and began to remove her from the situation. The people in control of the other dog where not the dogs owners (WHY DID YOU TAKE THE DOG TO THE DOG PARK). Before I could get Stella away from the situation they released the dog, because they "Didn't know how to get the leash on" (The person was apparently relying on their 6 year old child to come in to leash the dog) the dog jumped up got my hand really bad once, and then latched onto Stellas hind leg. The dog would not let go, and fearful of causing tearing I was forced to place Stella on the ground after receiving a plethora of panic bites - not her fault her bite inhibition training clearly worked. Multiple full bottle splashes, wheel-barrels, uneducated hammer fisting (By the not owners even when told it wouldn't stop it), and finally a gum pinch was what got the dog to let go. Stella ended up with a "Largely superficial" 2 inch laceration on her hind leg which was closed with stitches at the animal ER. I ended up with a few slices which warranted to be closed, but couldn't be because they're dog bites - so a full course of antibiotics for me and Stella. Dog parks are ruined for us. I think we made a mistake, and I'm not sure they're even safe. Thats on us. Whats the deal with this "Our dog doesn't like Huskies?" nonsense. Has anyone else experienced this? I apologize if this ended up being a rant. We're super frustrated. Stella is such a kind playful, happy, goofy dog. Ultimately we're to blame for taking her to the dog park, and it kills us knowing now she's in pain. Hopefully this saves someone else from this hell. It could have been much much worse.
  6. Hey all! This is Stella, the newest member of our family! Stellas 11 weeks old, and is off to a strong but bumpy start in the week we've had her. When she came to us we immediately noticed something was up with her stools - after a few of not clearing up and mainly our own ignorance "it must be the change of diet" we took her to the vet where they told us she had giardia. 😦 Otherwise Stella seems perfectly healthy and eager to learn and please! So far she's nearly an expert at sitting, stopping, and giving you her attention when her name is called. We're working on stopping this play bitting, and that toys are the only ok thing to chew on. Stellas been getting quite the socialization experience - We currently live in the city (not for long..), and on just about every walk at-least someone wants to stop and say hello.
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