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  1. TMy 9 month old husky is going in to get spayed next week. The vet also recommended a rear dew claw removal at the same time. Her rear dew claws are loose and floppy, and have gotten caught on things in the past but never to the point of injury (just her typical dramatic reactions 😂) however, I still am on the fence about the procedure. I would hate to see her hurt, but I also don’t like the idea of chopping off parts of her... do rear dew claws have a purpose? Is it worth the risk to keep them verse having them removed when she’s already under for the spay? Any tips or thoughts are welcome!!
  2. She’s 4.5 months old,I have been trying to give her time I don’t need her to greet everyone... I just want to make sure she’s well socialized so she doesn’t get aggressive with strangers when she gets older. I’ve been told by dog trainers that lack of interaction with strangers as a puppy is one reason for aggression in dogs. And I’ve tried to make people less threatening... I ask everyone who wants to meet her to crouch down and hold their hand out palm up and below her head. Her body language doesn’t show any fear, she just has no interest in ever going near anyone who isn’t me, ever. It’s not just certain people. She’s met and spend loads of time with my parents and still won’t let them touch her. If they sit on the couch with us she moves the opposite side of me to be away from them. I got her as a baby so I have a 95% certainty she was never abused, I just don’t get why she is never social with other humans. As far as I understand this isn’t normal husky behavior, and want to make sure I’m not causing the issue somehow.
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any tips on how to help a husky puppy be more social? My husky is friendly, but she won’t ever go up to a stranger unless she’s touching me or extremely close. She barely leaves my side with new people around, and even after meeting someone multiple times won’t go near them. We’ve tried having them give treats, food, water, toys, and she goes the absolute farthest she can to get what she wants and then scurries back to my side. If I leave her she just does her own thing but won’t let them come close still. If I’m right next to them she sniffs and will let them touch her, and she isn’t aggressive or anything... just extremely disinterested in everyone who isn’t me. I love having a good bond with her, but don’t want it to become unhealthy. I don’t think it’s separation anxiety because she is fine when I leave the house or room, she just doesn’t ever want to be around other people. How do I encourage her to be outgoing and less clingy?
  4. She got dewormed at the vet on Monday. And had a few worms so they said her digging is going to make it a monthly thing for her until she goes a few times with none. I thought over feeding might be it, so i’ll try cutting back I’m just not sure how much to cut down to... and she gets diarrhea even on days she doesn’t eat the full 2 cups. But the getting sick concerns me. The very figured it was from eating grass that she can’t process cause there has been grass in her puke and diarrhea but not always. She is currently eating Instinct, but i’m trying a different food to see if maybe she just is allergic to an ingredient or something. She also has had some pink in her eyes which the vet chalked up to irritation from dirt when digging. We are starting the new food today, so prior to that no. I had been introducing some new treats, but I switched and she still got sick so I don’t think it was that. The new food is Blue Wilderness Puppy Formula. My breeder recommended it. She has to get her last round of shots in 3 weeks, should I wait and go then or go to the vet sooner?
  5. Hi everyone, Lately I’ve had some concerns over my little Ziva. She’s 14 weeks old and weighs 15.9 lbs (7.2 kg). She seems mostly fine, but she doesn’t seem to be gaining weight as she should. She has always been a bit smaller (her litter had 9 pups that all survive so less room in the womb and less milk to be shared) but she seems to be widening the weight gap between her and other huskies her age. Her weights have been 8 wk (estimate) : 6.5 lbs 9 wk: 7.6 lbs 12 week (estimate): 11.5 lbs 15 week: 15.9 lbs She seems to eat fine, but she has been getting sick on and off since I first picked her up, and it’s getting more common. Throwing up multiple times in a row, and getting diarrhea. She rarely doesn’t have an appetite unless she’s in the midst of getting sick. I feed her as much food as I can get her to eat (2-2.5 cups per day, some days she doesn’t finish and some days she does and gets a little extra). I can’t see her ribs, so I wouldn’t say she’s underweight for her size. I’m just concerned by her lack of growth paired with sickness. Discussed with vet who brushed it off, blamed getting sick on other factors like eating grass and dirt (she loves to dig), and swallowing some of the carpet she likes to pull up and chew. She also licks every surface she can find, so it’s possible she’s just ingesting something that doesn’t agree with her (we are working on those issues) Is she just going to be forever small? Should I get a second opinion from a different vet? I don’t mind her being smaller at all, I love my little girl, I just want to make sure she’s okay.
  6. My husky baby (9wk) bites me painfully while playing and after holding eye contact lunges at me and barks. The bites are not teething nibbles but sharp bites. She doesn’t do this to anyone she plays with except me. I’m not sure how to deter this behavior. Saying “NO” loudly just spurs her on and she usually barks and tries again. If I turn my back and just tries to bite my back or my hair. And even the remove her from playtime and put her alone in another room isn’t working. I’ve been trying to consistently for 5 days and have 0 progress. Any tips? Do I just need to wait it out or is there another method i should try?
  7. My puppy 9 wks has the attention span of a gold fish. I try removing her toys from the area, using treats, and maintaining eye contact and she won’t pay attention long enough for me to get her to sit. I’ve had her a week and made zero progress. I can’t tell if this is normal for the breed or not. I’ve tried everything I can think of, short (5-10 minutes) training sessions, i’ve tried different time of day, different treats, everything. All she wants is to bite my feet and run around. I’m trying to not let my frustration show, but she hasn’t even successfully done sit once! I get her attention, say sit while doing the gesture and slowly raising the treat in front of her. She just lays down and gets in the play position. Did other people struggle to get their puppies attention? Any tips?
  8. Thank you! It’s so exciting to have my first Husky! I considered that too but don’t see any banding yet, she is still a baby so maybe it just hasn’t grown in yet. Either way, she’s my pretty little baby girl!
  9. Learning to use the steps outside and then relaxing after playing ball with momma!
  10. My little Ziva is a mystery to me. She was pure black and white when born, but her undercoat is cream and she has brown behind her ears and on her shoulders, legs and face. It’s already so much fun to watch all the changes and I can’t wait to see how she ends up!
  11. Hi! I just brought home my first husky puppy. Ziva is 8 weeks old, and adorable. Right now she spends a lot of time sleeping, but when she is awake she is a little whirlwind! I did loads of research in preparation for bringing her home. She came from a litter of 9, and all the puppies survived. When I picked her up the breeder explained that she was a little smaller as a result because less room to grow in the womb and less milk to go around from momma, but she is healthy (vet papers to prove). I was wondering if anyone else had experience with this? Will she always stay a little bit smaller than average? Right now she’s always hungry, I’m not sure if that’s normal or not for husky puppies.... should I be increasing her portions a little to help her with growth? I had read that huskies only eat when they’re hungry and usually won’t overeat, but does that apply to puppies as well? I have her first vet visit next week so I’ll be able to give an accurate weight then but I would say she is under 10 lbs. Also, I attached pictures because she is gorgeous! ☺️
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