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  1. [ATTACH]7404.IPB[/ATTACH] Happy Birthday hun
  2. [ATTACH]7410.IPB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]7408.IPB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]7407.IPB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]7406.IPB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]7405.IPB[/ATTACH]Happy Birthday Hun [ Hope uve had a fantastic day All our Love xXx try this
  3. My entry Naketah an McVitie this Christmas [ATTACH]7402.IPB[/ATTACH]
  4. I love the forum header ha ha ha Dont worry she gave me shit for it 2 cos i posted it lmao I think its a lovely pressie Marc 1 Sarah will remembered 4 eva lol xXx
  5. I didnt receive my S S either grrr 2 the post man lol xXx
  6. Welcome to the site the pups r adorable soooo sweet look forward to hearing about their adventures xXx
  7. Theres some interesting recipes on these link hun. U'll hav to let u know how and if they work, im not sure if id use the natural 1 with white vinegar i suppose it depends how stinky ur dog is lol xXx
  8. I agree this year hasnnt been gd here either i used 2 love goin out my kids were sooo excited an hardly any1 opened their door partypoopers grrrr lol think it jst depends where u live ma mate's kids did fantastic its jst disappointing for the kids who really look forward to it i ended up goin out for longer to no avail So many dark houses when u know ppl r in cos its 7ish on a sunday nite doesnt take much 2 get a £2 bag of sweets from asda there all meanies lol xXx
  9. Awwwww how cute look soooooo sweet xXx
  10. nicnic71980

    Bad Luck!!

    defo think that 2moros another day an think positively i find it helps if ur on a downer things jst get worse an worse u know the senario ur runnin late for work an every traffic light makes u stop hope things get better 4 u xXx
  11. We went out earlier kids were soooooo excited an hardly any1 answered their doors i got shite loads of sweets in an hardly any1 came had my pumpkins out an everything whiles writing this the doorbell went lol typical lol jst seemed 2 b so much stuff for halloween in shops did no1 buy it ah well xXx
  12. Im well versed in the whole guy fawkes thing joshua got a book from the library i know the ins and outs of it lol never really thought about it b4 is a british thing suppose our american friends wouldnt know about it are dogs r ok with them it jst scares me cos of awful ppl doing horrible things with fireworks 2 animals i dont like lettin my cats out around this time xXx
  13. Thats gr8 that really smart xXx
  14. Hiya ive tried to you photobucket to upload pics (sorry if theres repeats) xXx
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