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  1. I wanted to hear other husky owners thoughts on feeding your sibe table food. I currently feed my sibe table food often but only in relation to the amount of his or her dog food and excercise that they have had the dayof. Anyone else feed thier sibe table food and if so how often?
  2. I think the key to my being able to leave my husky alone at home was to gradually give time and space. We started with the crate. After he was potty trained I would let him be alone in the basement ( with cat) gradually giving more and more time until he would be in his basement room all night. I slowly extended and tried new set ups to where he could go in the house to see how he would take it. I eventually let him come out of his basement all the way to the top step and then there was a gate. I then took the gate away to where he can not go to the 2nd level of my townhouse, but the only path was to my room ( on the 3rd floor) all other doors were closed. I would gradually test him by leaving to the store for an hour or so and leaving him the whole house. I would come back and he was always at the door step waiting on me. I eventually would leave him the house when I went to the gym as well as running other errons. Eventually it got to the point where I can leave him the whole house while I'm away at work when he was about 8 months. We had a few hiccups mainly the toilet paper in the bathroom (He loves to tear up paper). Before all of this I really made sure that my sibe knew boundaries and what he could and could not mess with. I also proofed home so that the only temptations are in his room in the basement. The rule in my house for my huskies is anything on the floor is fair game except my shoes lol. (note: There is nothing on the floor at my house except shoes and rugs). Personality plays a big role as well. I think I must have gotten somewhat lucky to be able to do this at such a young age with a husky. My older husky now has the whole house to roam there are no limitations. I then look to my younger pup and wonder how are we going to get her there lol
  3. What Chelseafan said 👌 You have to be willing to stay the course. I have a 1 and half year old and 2 month old. You have to establish that you're the leader of the pack from day one and be consistent. Huskys are smart enough to sense that they can get away with something if you let them. Crate training helped me reinforce boundaries and a swift correction anytime they are out of line. The best training is you spending time with your dog and teaching him/her. This will also create a stronger bond. Consistency, patience , and sternness is very much needed in husky's first year I believe. Also I must stress you must exercise daily this will help tremendously.Huskys have an enormous amount of energy (at least my 1 half year old does lol) and it helps to let them get rid of it through exercise. I usually run with my dog at least a mile almost everyday, rain,sleet snow,burning hot outside don't matter. I also took him to a local dog park a lot when he was younger and now to help with energy and socialize him. Just like Chelseafan said as time goes on it will get better as they mature and your bond grows stronger. My 1 and half yr old has full access to the house since he was about 8 months. He was potty trained in 2 months ( could have been shorter had I started out with the crate). My 2 month old is still in training. She won't poop in house but will pee but that's somewhat understandable since pups need to develop the ability to hold it over time. We are getting there though. I usually take her out every hour to pee in the same spot and give her praise every time she pees. Husky require alot of effort and work and you have to put it in if you want results... I hope this helps!
  4. I want to change my Husky's doggfood. I am looking for good recommendations. Husky is 17 months
  5. I usually let my dog off leash in parks or places where its isolated with plenty of room and its only me and him. Of course there have been times where he has wondered off to another dog with another owner that I did not see. I think it depends on the training. My husky wonders far away enough to where he can keep his eyes on me. When I call him he comes mostly to me and sometimes near to me. I think if you want to train them off leash then isolated areas are a good place to start and then slowly start adding distractions. Or you can get a professional $$... just my 2 cents
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