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  1. I didn’t know about the thread, thanks a lot for mentioning it! And thank you! Her name’s Mishka 😊
  2. Thank you ah 💕 I’ve had people ask about my other dogs, but not as frequent as her, seriously. It makes me feel a lot more at easy to know I’m not the only one!
  3. Hello! I’m new, with this being my first post, but I have been desprate to ask this... So, has anyone been asked if their huskies are some other breed? Granted, I live in a country that is very unimformed, and my puppy is young being only 3 and a half months, although her features clearly show she’s a husky. I’m mostly being asked if she is a Japanese/American Akita, but there’s been the question of a Samoyed and other breeds... It’s really driving me crazy at this point, was just wondering if it happens to anyone else.
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