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  1. I'm looking to get our Ghost onto a Raw diet as she has always been fussy with food. We've tried multiple dry foods / wet foods and combining them and she'd only have a couple of meals before she wouldnt eat. We've got down to eating once a day, a scoop of dry with a tin of wet (has to be Warbutons) and a small amount of mixed vegetables in her bowl. This has become quite expensive. I would like to start weaning her onto a raw diet as she seems to enjoy multiple foods in one bowl and I've calculated I could feed her for about £2 per day with better quality food and I wouldnt be buying dog food that she wont eat. I've been doing quite a bit of research, but couldnt find any clear answers to my questions: Can you just buy any minced meat and it will be okay or do you need to buy the (Overpriced because its branded for dogs) pet shop mince? Aside from raw pork, are there any raw meats I shouldnt feed her? Is it okay to give her raw meat on the bone (I've read conflicting arguements)? Are raw organs okay? With regards to quantitiy, are there any raw foods that are so high in protein or in other areas that dont need to be fed as much?
  2. You don't realise how fast they grow until you look at old photos!
  3. With a pulling dog (from my own experience) there are a few things you can be doing: Before walking make sure to exercise your dog in the yard for 10 - 15 minutes to burn off some energy (fetch, tuggy etc.) Heel train Xilo: Simple 'Heel' Training Start indoors on the lead: Put a treat in your hand and put your hand by your side with the leash in the other. Walk around your house with Xilo trying to get the treat out of your hand. Repeat 'Xilo Heel', praise every 10 steps and release the treat from your hand. Keep spare treats in your leash hand so you can quickly continue the training. If Xilo gets distracted or moves too far ahead, stop, lure her back to your side with your treat hand. Start training outdoors in a secluded area with minimal distractions and continue the heel training walking back and forth in increasingly longer stints (5 meters & turn around, 10 meters & turn around, 15, 20 and so on). You could also purchase a Halti collar for more control on your walks, but some dogs don't like it and will need time to get used to one. With the eating poop, just keep a supply of treats on your walks and try to spot poop before she does and as with the heel training, let her smell the treat whilst you walk past it and release after. The paper thing is just puppy boredom, give her a better alternative and keep any paper out of reach. It's important to note that as with any training it is vital that your dog is sufficiently exercised beforehand for the best results.
  4. booned


    Consultations are generally not that expensive so like others have suggested find the money and go to the vets. Even if you cannot afford the treatment, some vets offer payment plans or help to work something out. Either way, at least you'll know what the issue is.
  5. Thanks everyone, this is a great help.
  6. How many walks a day? I've been taking mine on 3.
  7. Thank you Rachel. I had assumed that maybe we were over exerting her. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Its been quite hot over the weekend and our puppy (14 weeks) has been happy to go on walks and walks fine for a few minutes and then decides to lie down in shade or grass and not responding to commands. Is this typical in warmer weather? Should I avoid walking or keeping walking to a minimum (10 minute walks?) in hot temperatures?
  9. Hi, new member I am getting my first husky on Thursday and am really excited for the challenge! She is a 3 month old rescue that has not had the best of starts and has developed a scavenger mentality in her short life. She goes through bins and will hound you if you have food (this is what the dogs trust have told us). I am however curious about treats, more specifically what treats are appropriate for a 3 month old pooch. I want something she can enjoy for a prolonged period of time as a distraction whilst I prepare food, but a lot of the bones on offer are not suitable for babies. I also read somewhere that raw hide is a no-no. I've ordered some deer antlers that say they are okay for puppies and a teething toy that I can fill with smaller treats but I just want to have more options. Does anyone have any ideas?
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