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    Hiya, We are new to this group and new to being a husky owner! I love dogs and my boyfriends dream dog is a husky - so we are now the super proud owner of Loki a beautiful 9week old S.Husky pup. We picked him up just over a week ago and since then we have had lots of fun and giggles - but a LOT of problems, mainly crate training/nighttime. I am desperately seeking advice at night he will fall asleep in his crate and will be taken out twice throughout the night to toilet but he still cries all night and goes to the toilet in the crate making one stonking mess!! We have followed the advice from google, kennel club, vets, trainers (which a lot of it is the same) but still no progression at nighttime. We really don't want to be bad parents, but equally we don't want to give in and have short time gain and long term pain. Any help or advice will be wonderfully received Faye, James & Loki.
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