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  1. Great to know ^.^ we are traveling from houston tx to Arkansas. Hopefully there will be a lot of good places to stop along the way. Shes pretty calm and lazy so I think shell do well in the car but I'm worried about her staying away from home. I'm going to order the walking belt though so hopefully she will be able to swim and have fun, hopefully she doesnt break my hip if she gets excited though 😂😂😂
  2. Yess! Thank you for that that walking belt was exactly what I needed but didnt know what to call it. I'm bringing her kennel, kennel blanket and some of her favorite toys. I am hoping we wear her out so she doesnt have a chance to think about the fact that shes not home. But the drive alone is 8 hours so thats kind of scary.. she does well in cars when I see my mom (an hour drive) but havent taken her longer than that really
  3. Hello friends! I am planning to go out of state with my girl for four days. She is pretty well trained at home, she sleeps in her kennel, is potty trained, shes not really destructive... the first stop on our trip is a lake house resort. I'd like for her to be able to swim with us in the lake, and go on a canoe with us but also would like some sort of way to keep her leashed to me because she definitely WILL run off if unleashed.. (i plan on getting her a life jacket but she can swim very well and I will be watching her 100% of the time). What would be the best way to go about this? Is there a type of leash attachment that can hook onto me and onto her so I dont have to constantly hold the leash? The second stop is a trip to the mountians in a cabin. Shell enjoy hiking with us and the adventure but there will be times where she will be kenneled alone in the cabin while we do some non pet friendly activities such as hang gliding. and horse back riding. Shes not super high energy... I know she loves being in her kennel at home, but will she be okay in her kennel while were on vacation if we need to have her in it for a few hours for non dog friendly places? Shes never really been away from home and I'm worried about her freaking out because there really wouldnt be anything I could do once were there 🤷‍♀️
  4. Thanks everyone for all the advice i think I am gonna see how a different flavor goes. For some reason, the only kibble I have been able to feed her is the rachel ray for some reason.... all of the other food I previously gave her seemed to spark some sort of allergies. Even some of the better brands.. I want to look into starting a raw diet for her. It may be for the best
  5. I will definitley have to look up some stuff about feeding raw :0 Is it expensive?
  6. Oh my gosh your dogs name is mayo? That's so cute! I bet it's really good for your dog to eat so many fresh foods. Thanks for the advice though, I may consider keeping her with the same stuff since she has had previous allergies
  7. Hello! I have been feeding Rea Rachel Ray's high protein Peak series. I usually stick with the beef venison and lamb flavor, but considering keeping the same brand and just switching flavors to keep things fresh since she seems to be bored with it. Is switching flavors a good idea or should I keep it the same all the time? What do you guys feed your dogs? (bonus pic of Rea at the beach from the weekend)
  8. No judgement here! I will try anything! Thanks so much for the advice I hope to get a friend for her soon too. Hopefully itll help having another dog.
  9. Thanks for the advice:) I guess I should be happy with her at least being potty trained. Any advice on how to get her to stop running away from me? That's my main concern 😕 she could care less about treats, toys, or pets when I call her. What were some things that worked on your teen monsters? 😛
  10. Oh geeze. I havent ever had kids so I have no clue how to put a teenager in her place. It's so frusterating becquse after all the research on training Huskies, she was finally behaving so well and then all of a sudden it's back to square one. I definitely dont want her to start running from me.. Also one more thing, she could care less about food or treats, so I have no leverage. She would much rather misbehave than get a treat, regardless of the kind/type of treat
  11. Hello! My puppy Rea is about 7 months old, and she previously has listened pretty well. She has usually comes when called and goes in her crate when I tell her to. She is potty trained, no problem there. But lately it seems like she is deliberately disobeying me. She refuses to go outside when I tell her, runs from me when I try to make her go in her crate, hardly ever comes when I call, she runs away from me alot. I am not sure if it's an alpha thing or if she is afraid of me for some reason? And a bit of background, she is a mostly indoor dog that I put outside in a huge fenced in backyard sometimes and sleeps in her crate/goes in her crate when were not home. No kids, just my husband and myself but I am home alone with her most of the time and give her tons of attention. I just dont understand this sudden change in behavior and what I can do to stop making her run away for me and deliberately doing the opposite of what I tell her...
  12. Thank you everyone for the kind words ^.^
  13. Hello! First time husky owner here! I have a 7 month old siberian husky named Rea (ray uh) I am hoping to get more familiar with her needs and excited to get advice from experienced owners. Rea is an affectionate trouble maker with angry eyebrows and the most judgmental stare you've ever seen. Although she looks tough, she is not aggressive in the slightest and loves belly rubs!
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