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  1. flint

    Help please?

    You guys are so awesome. Thank so so much for the advice and well wishes- I really really appreciate them!!💛
  2. flint

    Help please?

    Oh what a pretty girl!! That does make me feel a bit better 😅
  3. flint

    Help please?

    I’m worried because woolies tend to get matted fur more easily, and can’t get wet, as well as the fact that I am located in the south, so long fur that mats and can’t get wet(no swimming to cool off!) May not be the best idea.
  4. flint

    Help please?

    The puppy I was interested in got adopted(which was bittersweet for me 😅), but fortunately I was able to find another puppy that I’m in love with. The breeder is reputable, he’s close by, and the puppy has a great temperament. My big concern with this one is that I’m worried he’s a wooly. I have a lot of trouble telling the difference between Woolies and longer furred huskies, so I would really really appreciate any feedback you guys have! You guys have me such great advice the first time I would love to get your opinions again! The pics are all of the puppy, and the copper dog is his father, and obviously the black and white one feeding puppies is his mother. The last pic is also of him, it just came out of order 😅. Any ideas? Are his parents wooly? Does he look wooly? (this may be an uneducated question, but is it possible for 2 wooly parents to have a shorter furred pup?) I have pics of his siblings, as well as a video of him if that would help. Thanks so much!!!
  5. flint

    Help please?

    Thanks to everyone who has offered any advice!! I really do appreciate you guys taking time out of your days to help me out!! Thanks!! 💛
  6. flint

    Help please?

    No I 100% agree that temperament is always more important than looks. To clarify, this is purely due to my own curiosity, and because I was trying to figure out names that would still be fitting once the pup is grown up!
  7. flint

    Help please?

    I found a time-lapse someone did of her dog, which looked exactly like the new puppy I mentioned, and hers grew up with a dark mask too. What a pretty aesthetic!
  8. flint

    Help please?

    Your guys' help means so much more to me than I can express! Again, I've never owned a husky before, so it really really makes me feel much better to have experienced and kind people available and willing to help me! I just wanted to introduce one other puppy I was considering to see if he'd be good, because he's younger, looks more playful, is less pricey, and is closer to me. I had one question though-I didn't know that huskies completely change color! I was looking at some puppy vs adult photos, and some puppies go from completely solid colors to dark eye masks and pale bodies, some go from dark masks to completely solid colors, I even saw one that went from light red to dark grey!! I was wondering if there's any way to estimate what color a puppy will be when they grow up? The other puppy that I was interested in has a dark muzzle and nose, and I was wondering if those markings are likely to stay or fade with age. Additionally, the first puppy I showed you guys is dark brown to black, and I'm wondering what the odds are that he'll grow up lighter; maybe wolf-grey. Again, his snout is also black, and I'm wondering how likely it is that he'll keep that black snout, or if it'll lighten up. Of course, I would never make a decision based on color-this is purely based on my own curiosity! Do any of you have agouti puppies that look way different now than they did as puppies? Feel free to share pics! Any help is greatly appreciated! Pic 1-New puppy I'm considering (the one whose color is in question) Pics 2&3-Adult Agouti huskies with dark faces Pics 4&5-Adult Wolf-grey husky and his baby picture Pic 6-Adult agouti husky with a dark face and a dark coat Again, any suggestions or educated guesses about what the 2 puppies may grow up to look like would be much appreciated!
  9. flint

    Help please?

    Thanks for all the help guys! I really appreciate it! You guys have an awesome community here:)
  10. Hey there! I'm interested in adopting a Siberian Husky puppy, and since I've never owned one before, I was hoping to get some advice when it comes to breeders. I have been searching for quite a while to find the perfect puppy, and I thought that I had, but later I was idly searching for husky pictures and came across a forum on this website, in which another user had in a similar situation to mine requested advice and discovered that his dream puppy may actually be riddled with health issues, and with your guys' help he decided on a much safer puppy. I'm hoping to have the same wonderful advice, so here he is! The breeder is Breeders name removed, and from what I could tell, they seemed very legitimate, with AKC certified parents and Champion Bloodlines, and the puppies looked healthy to me, but again, I am new to the world of huskies and am likely overlooking obvious health issues. I attached first the 3 photos of the puppy, an 8 week old male, and following those are the photos of Jax, the father, and Kita, the mother. Following those are the health guarantees they offer. I called them as well, and they seem genuinely interested in finding safe and suitable homes for their huskies, and were happy to help me. What do you guys think-is he a safe bet? Are there any questions I could ask the breeder to clarify anything in regards to his health? Thanks in advance!!
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