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  1. Seems like the theme of the day. LOL My male is sooo mad at me right now. I am sure I will find pee in the tub today. That’s what he does when he is upset with me. 🥴 First off, have you taken him to the vet for a puppy check up? Could he have a blockage? Did he recently get vaccinated? Poor little guy is probably stressed out from changing homes and is unsure if he is going to be given up again. Stress, bad food, food allergies or intolerances can all cause this. 4 months was a hard age to get through with my two. I also noticed that they behaved differently while going through a growing spurt. Get him vet checked if you haven’t already, make sure he is on a good quality food (doesn’t mean the most expensive but good for him). Get him on pre and probiotics with enzymes (it will help with the tummy), and give him lots and lots of love and play time. Probably stressed out, scared, and going through a growing spurt. Mine slept a lot during growing spurts. All I know is that my male especially is temperamental and moody at times. My girl is pretty stable.
  2. Mine do not do well with switching food. I would highly recommend the Pro/Pre Probiotics, enzymes. It really helps with digestion, passing of foreign objects, and stool.
  3. Third cup of coffee and reread your text... There is a reason why I go to a holistic vet that KNOWS Huskies. Most vets don’t understand how Huskies are. I feed mine Instinct Limited Ingredients Turkey. Dry and can. That is it. Was doing cooked for awhile but my male just blow out his gut and I had to switch back to old faithful. He has leaky gut syndrome and anything too fatty, or if he gets stressed, change of schedule destroys his insides. First time putting them on it, (they were about your pups age) it took about two weeks for them to start getting solid poop. Because of the ingredients this really is not supposed to be for long term feeding. But try it for six months with a good quality Prebiotic Probiotic and enzymes with an Omaga 3. ( introduced slowly) This is an adult dog food also. So shorter they are on it the better but it provided a great baseline for the food intolerance testing. Everything goes well switch to one of the other lines. ProPlan actually has a stomach one. (It says a lot when I suggest a Parina. Not a fan at all. But looks like something that would work)
  4. LOL O ya... been there. Totally normally. Mine are 17 months now (had them since 7 weeks) just now in the past 2 months got solid stool. (Go to the vet if you haven’t already and get a simple blood work up and physical done to rule out anything serious) Heads up on serious long term health issues though if not handled now. They are not digesting nutrients when they have the runs.* I truly believe that pups that did not get the nutrients they needed become eaters of foreign objects.* 1st: They will have the runs if feed too much. Skip a meal (dinner). Only give a 1/4 of breakfast. 1/4 of lunch. 1/4 dinner. This should only be done for no more then two days for an otherwise healthy pup. Treats need to be counted in amount of food. No treats given when doing amount testing. If poop firms up SLOWLY increase amount. 16 weeks should be feed 3 to 4 times a day equaling (I think I did 2 cups a day) Depending on your dogs GI... Once you start seeing loose stool again you will know the amount to stop at. 2nd: Good old food allergies. There is food allergies and there is intolerance. Face swelling, face itching, vomiting within an hour or so are allergies. Diarrhea, body itching, vomiting randomly, red skin are intolerance. You can either pay around $500 for a test that is 50% accurate, let the vet talk you into long term shots that have nasty serious side effects, or take the time a do trial and error at home. (I did this one) A good intolerance can take 3 to 6 weeks to appear. Food intolerances can change every 6 months. Google the list of top food allergies for dogs. Eliminate all of them. Keep to one single protein. Limited ingredient. Mine was/is turkey. In 3 months see if the symptoms have lessened or completely gone away. If not recheck the ingredients and eliminate something else. No treats, no table scraps, no nothing. I used their kibble for treats during training. I also only feed them while they worked for it. (6 months to 9 months) Mine are intolerant of: chicken, carrots, lamb, cranberry, blueberries, elk, eggs, dairy, frogs and my girl has allergies to grass. 3rd: spend the money on a good quality Pro/Prebiotic and enzymes along with an Omega 3 with DHP and (E something or nother) this will truly make all the difference. I spent way too much money and time at the vets and filled my pups up with all kinds of meds that they did not need to be on. Now I am playing catch-up and dealing with GI disease. When your pup has the runs all the time, it is frustrating and can drive you mad. Most people that never went through it don’t understand. But you can figure this out and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t feel silly with the excitement you will feel when he has gone a whole week with solid poops. Just laugh and enjoy it. Hang in there.
  5. The silver was a God send. If it wasn’t for that he would have bald spots everywhere. LOL I figured if it was safe to put on his anus, then we have a winner. It obviously works great on wet leaky areas. 🤢 How my boy chewed a hole in his butt I have no idea but it only took three days to get it to stop leaking and itching him with that stuff. No antibiotics pills or anything used. I leashed him to me at night and slept on the couch. Used a choker so every time he moved I would hear the collar. I am a super light sleeper. Maybe put bells on his collar.?. His sister is the one that normally chews HIS stitches and staples though 🤦🏽‍♀️. I also sprayed his shirt or wounds with Bitter Apple. That seemed to work great. He does seem to leave the wounds I leave open alone much better then the ones with all the bandages. Maybe he has an intolerance to the adhesive. Or it is pulling his hair. Last night was the last of all the meds. Now we wait 5 to 7 days to in sure there is no infection in the gut or intestines. I am going to start with the Detox one, then Anti Vaccine, then the gut stuff. 🤞 this helps because these flare ups suck and he (like Marley) is a big baby. 🥰 So heartbreaking when they don’t feel well. and it stresses sissy out too. I really hope he feels better soon.
  6. Man I feel you on this one. My boy had a total GI blow out 10 days ago. I feel your pain.... Have you heard this AdoredBeast.com Unfortunately, you have to wait a week after the last antibiotics before starting this. *I already started my girl and it is amazing * This is what he will be on: I know you are in England and this only ships to US and Canada but, see if your vet (or you) can find something similar. As far as giving the meds. Pill sticks work great. It does. However, not for what Marley has. Neosporin is good for small surface wounds that can stay dry. Only once the wound has closed and there is no leakage (stays dry) can it be put on. This stuff however, is the best I have found for the open nasty one...
  7. This is something that is starting to happen on a regular basis lately for some reason. On this mornings walk we were charged at. (Third time in two weeks-deferent dogs) My girl did exactly what she was supposed to do. Moved behind me and kept up with the foot work. LOL My boy on the other hand went into protective mood and was full on “bring it”. I kept my boy loose so he could block the dog from us (his sister) while we slowly danced to his house. I wasn’t 100% sure we would be able to make it to his house without someone getting bit. Two unsure males sizing each other up was heart stopping.
  8. @wolfpupmy heart goes out to you. I hope the worst is over and he has a smoother recovery. @BingBlaze n Skylathat is the coolest idea ever! I am sure I will be having a need for that sometime in my future.
  9. He is doing great now. Trying to eat his sister’s face at the moment. LOL
  10. ****Gross Pics**** LOL I woke up one morning to my boy eating his chest. I shaved the area, cleaned it, kept it dry, and made him wear a T-shirt. Sissy got to wear one too. Didn’t want her feeling left out. LOL His new nickname is Iron Man. 🥴 Then He was laying on the couch and I got up to get my drink. When I came back 30 seconds later, he chewed a hole in his butt. This one was a vet visit because he needed to be sedated to see how much damage was done. (Be careful of sedating a Husky! There is a certain brand of sedation that has to be used - my boy did not pull out of this well at all)
  11. I think that is perfect. Only because I do the exact same thing. If mine are left in any room alone, they would find something to get into. When no one is home all doors are shut and the kiddy gates block them from the kitchen and living room. It is the piece of mind of them potentially not eating something that could seriously hurt them that out weights everything else. Plus they have more room in the hallway then if they were in their crates and they don’t seem to mind.
  12. Welcome. The itching and stuff could very well be food or environmental intolerances. Don’t put her in a position to allow others to approach her. She is telling you she doesn’t like it. She may never like being around other people or other dogs. If she is being aggressive towards the boyfriend, dump him. LOL dogs know when someone is good or not. My male is protective of me. My girl could care less. I listen and watch his body language. If he is uncomfortable, everyone and everything stays at a distant. However, when mine are acting like butts to just be a butt, I used Pet Corrector. I think I have only had to 3x. Now I just carry it to keep loose dogs from approaching.
  13. Amazing! Thank you for sharing that.
  14. She is so cute. I thought mine would be fluffy and the girl would be a red. LOL They were out digging for frogs in this pic. 🤣
  15. Welcome. OMG adorably! I have know idea about the eyes though.
  16. I read somewhere along time ago that when the whites of the eyes turn different colors, there is meaning (health reason). My pups whites turn red when their allergies are really bad. Usually followed by a couple of days of itching and diarrhea. I would get a second opinion. Maybe it is a side effect from the drops?
  17. I truly don’t believe spaying has anything to do with why she isn’t using the pads now. There is something in the carpet that is causing her to pick it. I used White Vinegar on accident spots. They never did it again. It maybe anxiety then.... 🤔 There are some great YouTube videos on how to help with that. I would put on my shoes and grab my purse then sat on the couch. Walked around with my keys. Pretend to walk out of the house but only for a minute but worked up to driving around the block and then short trips. Never saying anything to them before I left or when I come back in. Every dog is different and has different triggers. Can you pretend to leave but be able to watch what she does? Do you have tile somewhere you can confine her to? Not a bathroom LOL.
  18. My girl had a hard time after spaying too. Plus she has a small bladder. Doing pee pads and house breaking is too confusing. Don’t do both. Put her on a schedule and keep to it for (at least) 3 weeks, no matter how well it is working. Start from the beginning. Walk her out on a leash every hour for 5 minutes. If she potties, high reward and praise and (if it is a fenced yard) let her off leash to play for a few. If you do not have a fenced yard, have her on a long line and play fitch or something fun for a few minutes. If she does not potty, take her back inside ( no reward or praise) and wait 5 minutes then take her back out and try again. Extend the time from every hour to every other hour and so on until you are about every 5 hours. It should take 2 or three days of no accidents before extending the time. I believe females are harder to house break.
  19. I basket muzzled trained my two. ER vet recommended it after our third ER visit for eating stuff. Works great. Now I just carry it and they know. I would recommend a car crate if one fits in your car though. This is how I trained them: Put something yummy smeared on the end, let him lick it without clasping it a few times. Once he is comfortable with it, then clasp it for just a few at a time. Then I picked a command (sound) that was only used for no chew, showed the muzzle, if they continued then I would muzzle. Only keeping it on until they stopped showing interest in the object. I think they were 6 months here. Had to muzzle on walks because they scooped everything up; glass, plastic, batteries, you name it they ate it. 🤣
  20. It can take up to 3 weeks for a dog to adjust to new smells and sounds. If it was a stressful move and the new routine was not introduced correctly this is going to be hard on everyone. Huskies do not do well with change. Leash walking them in their yard until they settle down works for some. Put a garden fence about two feet away from the normal fence to keep them off it. Take them for lots and lots of walks around the neighborhood to get them used to the smells. I have the opposite issue. I share a fence line with 4 yards that all have dogs. Mine do not react to the neighbor dogs, but they try to get through the fence at mine. 😖 But mine love to do zoomies and sing at 4 AM. LOL Most of my neighbors work graves. So no one cares at that time. Yelling or punishing them will make it worse. Do you leave them out while at work or is it just whenever they are out? Do they do it inside the house? And I would not add anything new to this situation, it could make the stress worse. Plus, most of the stuff on the market don’t work
  21. Welcome. Very Cute. I wish I would have started the crate training, leash training, and started a raw diet from the start. Leash training can be done in the house until they are fully vaccinated. Lot and lots of praise, love, and attention.
  22. I use essential oil spray and herbal collar for dogs for fly and tick when camping or hiking. Seems to work great.
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