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  1. Yep prongs have a bad rap. Some people never take the time to try all other options or even take the time to train. I went through every other option first. I do train my pups. And in the pic of my male walking: the prong is even loose, he is in no way showing signs of discomfort. I have also posted pics of them in their free motion harnesses. Which when we run they are fine in. I don’t want to run everywhere. It’s the controlled walks were he looses his mind. Plus, as I stated, my girl was able to be trained out of it. So obviously I am putting the time into training my pups. My pups are spoiled, happy, and behavior pretty damn good. The vet has no issues with him in a prong because she knows I have tried everything. I took the time to learn how to properly use a prong (the prong causes less damage then a regular flat buckle or a choker ) their throats are fine, and they are happy. There are different types of brand prongs. I use springer out of Germany. Rounded instead of flat and has a safety cover over the buckle. I don’t use a prong because I am lazy and don’t train my pups. I use it because it is the only thing that he won’t gator roll in, lounge and choke himself when he sees people or dogs. If a prong works for mine then so be it. @dinfe22 I get what you are saying. When they are in the zone, you could have raw meat in your hands and he doesn’t care. Doesn’t matter how well he listens to commands any other time he just doesn’t listen. Jumping 4 feet in the air, running backwards, screaming, gator rolls and it doesn't matter what tool you are using and it doesn’t matter how much time and training you put into it. You clearly stated you have tried everything. You obviously are trying and have leash pressure trained him. Keep doing what you. It takes time. You know your pup. Unless someone has gone through exactly what you are going through, they don’t understand.
  2. Every dog is different and just keep training different techniques until you find the one that works for him. My two did the same thing. My female is now fine in anything I put on her. It took about a month maybe 6 weeks of training. My male is unfortunately tool trained (same as yours-only behaves in the prong) However, I have been trying out a new method on him. *I only have the loop in my hand. He had the option to be 20 feet in front but decided on his own to walk close to me.* *Before he got to the end he turned to check in* I use a 20 foot long line and we go down to the coda-sac and play fitch. Or I run with a toy and let him chance it. Once some energy is out of him we start our walk. We go a few feet, I stop, he gets to the end (I call him before there is tension) and I run backwards or we play. Then we go a few feet the other direction doing the same thing. Now he knows where the end is and will comeback to me without prompting. Sometimes I’ll shorten the line sometimes I’ll have it completely out. I will also stop randomly and place him in a sit for a few seconds and then walk on. I also found it helpful to focus on controlled type play/walks rather then distance. I give them a command first sit, turn, attention, so on before putting pressure on the lead to give them kind of a heads up on what we are about to do. This also gives them the chance to do it on their own. If they do it on their own they get rewarded. If I see another dog we just turn and go the other way or be across the stress and make him set. (This is where leave it and walk on commands really come in handy) He really didn’t start improving until I started impulse control training with them. I started working on this when they were around 6 months but it didn’t start clicking until around 13/14 months of age. Place training, door control (kennel, front door, car door, and at stores or daycare), I found a bunch of free training videos on YouTube. I just went through them and kinda pieced together stuff that worked for mine. *having them place while I was doing something* you can use a towel or a floor mat (my girl ate her mat so I got these)* *sometimes I work them separately. Boy is in place while the girl is crated.* *the girl is crated with the door open. Is not aloud out until I give the release command. This is the same going through all doors and the car door* There are also a lot of great post under Behavioral and Training in this forum.
  3. @Kered what a happy Husky❣️ I personally would not use human shampoo. The chemicals in them could cause issues. From the research I did, it states not to. In 18 months mine have only had two baths. I had to use a medical prescription shampoo because they have environmental allergies and were stretching really bad. Other then that I use witch hazel to wipe their legs and paws after a run.
  4. So I am kinda going back and forth with this one. I have heard everything from desexing curing Rabies to it salving ALL behavioral issues.🥴 Good breeding and well cared for animals can have healthy long lives either way. I think it is more how an animal is cared for in its younger years. Running a dog too soon (young) , puppies jumping off of high places, and not having the correct nutrients will cause more of an issue on the joints then desexing them. Them getting cancer is a crapshoot. I believe the chances of an intact male getting testicle cancer is higher (well, if he doesn’t have the equipment then it would be hard to get cancer there LOL) Now I did have to neuter my male “early” because of a nasty behavior. He would ATTACK his sister to mount her and then would attack anyone trying to get him off. All other behavioral issues took training. But I think neutering did help with his ability to not get so nasty which resulted in making training easier. I was not going to breed them so there was no need to keep them intact. None of my dogs ever had any medical issues. All were over 100 lbs so it didn’t stunt their growth, non of them had any joint or hip issues, and lived to be in their mid to late teens. The issues and complications I refer to is... higher chance of dogs getting out (hit by car, breeding unwanted animals) and at times being more aggressive (hormone related aggression). Medical complications from having it done will be do to an incompetent vet doing the procedure. Medical issues as far as joint or behavioral or anything else... I just haven’t witnessed it. The number of dogs coming in with these issues have been 80% intact animals. Which you could argue that most of the 80% are backyard dogs that were never properly cared for. Just like we need to look at pups that were fixed before this 2 year mark and ask: what was their diet like, how old were they when the owners started taking them on long walks or ran them, or what about their breeding. I don’t know. I still think there is not enough evidence to say for sure either way. All I know is my personal experience.
  5. I think my nerves breakdown came last May when I originally joined and we hadn’t figured out what was going on with the boy. O he is out of here! As I was on the phone with poison control I asked him to leash her. She was doing her normal “nope we are going to play first” I looked over and he swung the leash at her. 😡🤬. I won’t tolerate that at all! He is lucky I was under a time restraint to get her to the vet or he would have been attached to the leash. 😉
  6. She popped out of it about an hour ago. Like nothing even happened. Chasing the cats and harassing her brother. 🤣 Brother stopped playing suddenly, came over to me, and started vomiting. And wouldn’t you know the missing pieces we couldn’t find in sissy was no longer missing. 🤦🏽‍♀️ At least he was smart enough to not get stained purple. Unbelievable Everyone is good. No more vomit and poops are solid. Does anyone know how to get the purple off her??? LOL I tried hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and dawn soap. Vet says it should wear off in about a week. But everyone that sees her starts laughing and says “o my is that normal for that breed?” I say with the biggest smile “yep!” Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It has been a long last 30 sum odd hours.
  7. We got lucky and there were no complications. Most of the pieces came up and the ink was non toxic. She should be able to pass the smaller pieces. They put a purple ace on her to match the marker. 🤣 And I am single now. Yep no more hubby! I would choose my pups over anybody.
  8. As things were getting better.... We are at the emergency vet. I think she wanted to have nail polish and makeup on this morning 🤣 Too bad she ate the hole plastic casing and cap. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I think her and brother eating their dog bed is what started it. O I would not have stayed out with her if it was just diarrhea. Her vomiting is what concerned me.
  9. I have eliminated the blockage theory. Has held down the rest of breakfast and water. Her poop is trying to take on some form. Also eliminating bad canned food and CBD as a cause. Brother was exposed to the same amount of both and hasn’t had any issues. She had to have picked something up during one of the walks my daughter or husband took her on. Keeping her on a quarter cup of food every 4 hours for the next 24 hours and Pedialyte water mixture. Fingers crossed she continues to show signs of improvement. How sweet is this ❤️ Tired. LOL I believe she has nothing left in her. At least she is sleeping now. She couldn’t get comfortable last night at all.
  10. Well I am the odd man out. LOL I have found sooner is best. I spent years spaying and neutering as young as 7 weeks. Even my own personal animals. Never had issues and all of them grew full size and never had hip dysplasia, no cancers, nothing. If anything waiting until after a heat cycle or two is when there can be issues. Heat cycles thickens it. Longer procedure, longer healing time, and the chances of having issues is way higher. Vets charge by weight here. So I truly believe this is to line their pockets and has nothing to do with the betterment of the animal. I have seen more issues with waiting for heat cycles and growth then getting it done as soon possible.
  11. I guess I started to respond but didn’t hit post. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I am happy it wasn’t too cold outside last night. The moon was beautiful and gave off enough light to see. Spent most of the night in the dog run. Lots of soupy poo but held down water. I had the subQ line ready just in case she needed it. I am great full I didn’t have to last night. She did give her cat and brother kisses this morning. Brother was so sweet. It’s amazing how they know when the other isn’t feeling good. I feed her a very small amount of dry kibble by hand. We have about 2 hours to go to see if she can hold it down. She acted like she was starving. Which is a great sign. I’ll give her a few more hours to see how she does.
  12. Thanks. So do I I am trying to get her to come in but man she is stubborn. Trying every trick in the book. Cheese wrapper being opened from across the house did the trick. LOL Even though she can’t have dairy... I’ll take it. And a little piece won’t make a difference at this point.
  13. Well, my poor girl is having an issue. Sometime between 3AM and 6AM Wednesday morning they ate one of their dog beds. Since I didn’t catch it within the 30 minutes I decided to do the wait and see. My pups have passed some weird stuff and stuffing before. Plus, it’s normally the boy that has the issues and she has always been my iron stomach pup. Go figure it’s Friday the 13th and we have a full harvest moon tonight. (I am not superstitious just got a giggle out of it) She threw up dinner and just dumped straight water. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Acting very sluggish. I examined her for a blockage and haven’t felt anything and the pulse in the back is good. No fever either. No distressed breathing. If anything she is acting annoyed that I won’t leave her alone. LOL I wonder if she had one too many frogs again, if she picked something up on a walk, or I did have CBD (no THC) on my hands when I was giving them treats earlier. CBD hits me strange too if I use too much. So I am setting with her in the dog run keeping a close eye on her because she wants to be out here. We have a great ER right down the street I can rush her into if need be. The normal protocol they put my pups through is: X-ray, take them home and wait 12 hours with no food and then X-ray again. Works great if it is a solid item but soft stuffing doesn’t normally show up. She did drink a good amount of water and I started the 4 hour timer on that. If she holds it down that will be a good sign. If not then off to vet we go.
  14. It is so awesome that you are able help❣️ Those poor babies
  15. I have a brother and sister. I got both of them fixed as soon as I could.
  16. My female does that when ever a family member walks through the door. It’s a mixture of extremely happy and being submissive. How stinking cute❣️❣️❣️ She probably is not humping, it’s a backend hop to get closer to you. If you get down on the ground she would probably jump straight into your lap. Husky kisses are the best. As long it isn’t right after eating a frog. LOL
  17. It sounds like you got a good handle on it. Mine are super friendly. However, they just play so rough and they work together tag teaming. It would only be a matter of seconds before seriously taking out a smaller dog (animal). Some things to keep in mind during obedience classes. Not all dogs learn the same, he will have moody days and on these days don’t push him. (It back fires on me and my male has gotten really upset and he pees in my tub if I push him too much. My girl will flatten herself out and refuses to move if she is not in the mood LOL). I went through 4 trainers and still ended up doing it myself. I do have a guy that I work with once in awhile if I am lost or having issues with something.
  18. Welcome. He looks a lot like my boy. Thank you for adopting.
  19. Welcome Strom. I have “heard” of Dutch shepherds while doing a breed search. We were thinking of going the shepherd way before I feel in love with my two Huskies. I don’t even think we have a breeder or if one would even be labeled correctly at a shelter here in the states.
  20. I do not take mine to dog parks. Too much space, freedom, and unpredictable dogs. With that said.... Mine go to doggie daycare. The owner knows Husky behavior and my pups (18 months) personality very well. They are never left unattended, they are never ever put in with a dog half their size or smaller, and they are never grouped with dogs no matter their size that do not tolerate their shenanigans. I don’t know what yours is mixed with or truly what your dogs back ground is but here is somethings to consider. Another small animal running triggers a hunt kill instinct. If another dog is smaller and is running around him, his natural instincts are to chase and bit and well kill it. They get overly excited. Your lucky he had some self control. In his own home (that ladies house)in an environment he knew his house mates, he knew his limits, and was probably put in his place a time or two. He is not going to bring that info into a new place or use it with new dogs. These guys are hunters. I am constantly keeping an eye on my two when I see their personalities change (getting into the red zone) during play I have to guide them out of it. It took some time and there were yelps and booboos but they are learning. Mine are brother and sister so they can get really super rough during play. Hopefully you can see the video. DCA86FB4-1B57-4931-A62E-B0D088979620.MOV
  21. I totally agree with @robke. Every since my boy (18 months) has been diagnosed with GI disease, I had to constantly switch up his food, he has become so picky. Would go 2 or 3 days without eating. Which for us is a medical concern because of leaky gut. If you try enticing him with yummy stuff then he will expect it every time. Then protest when he doesn’t get it. From the research I have done this seems to be very common. My vet says it is actually good for them to purge their system. As long as they are healthy and it’s not do to a blockage or something I would keep offering his meals 15 minutes down then pull it. Don’t stress over it.
  22. Pet insurance has been a life saver here too. Literally I pay $40 a month for each and that covers 90%. It takes a little while to get the refund. I am still waiting for the refund from his blow out, then meds, and sissy felt left out so she contracted tape worms. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I spend on average $400 a month on medical. We had a few months of a couple of thousands at first but we are slowly getting those issues under control. Sissy has gotten better after she ate his staples once and he was very sweet with her while she recovered from mouth surgery. I am just happy that the worse is over for him. It sucks when they don’t feel good. You.... don’t over do it! Take care of you. The boys will be fine for a day or so while you recover. 🥴
  23. I honestly believe feeding raw or cooked is the best. Mine have food allergies/intolerance to certain foods and my boy has GI disease so there is not a kibble out there that I am satisfied with. I am feeding Instinct Limited Ingredients because of having to reset my boy’s tummy after a blow out. It is good. I would not mind trying their raw line. (But again it has ingredients that my pups can’t have) With that being said if I had normal pups I would like Wilderness, Wellcore, Tastes of the Wild, just to name a few. But just do your research and keep prices in mind. Keep in mind also that Huskies digestion is different then other breeds. I believe I did 2 cups a day split into 4 meals and their treats for training came out of that amount. Anything more than 2 cups caused bad diarrhea. I would some times not even do a traditional meal because the two cups was given throughout the day during training. (This is not wise for potty training LOL it messed up potty times. But mine have a doggy door so I wasn’t concerned about that.) I do try to keep to the traditional diet. Protein: Summer Grassland. Winter fish. Fall and spring Fowl. Are you going to be doing Agility, sledding, or any really high activity? That will make a huge difference in what you feed and how much. Here they are considered large breed. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. We only have small breed or large breed in puppy food. I think the line is at 50 here. I don’t get it or know why. I assume it is to sell more at a higher price. O and kibble size.
  24. Glad to hear everything went well with your op. Take care of you. That actually looks really good. You may have to put sunblock on it for awhile but I think it will finish healing nicely. You don’t have to keep bandaging it do you? I think it is ready to be air dried. (With wearing a t-shirt of course)
  25. I think she will keep the party.
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