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  1. My girl still cannot hold it all night. I also only leave them for a max of two hours and it is during their nap time. Mine are blocked off in the hallway so they don’t destroy my house or hurt each other playing on the couch. Keep a strict schedule, pull food and water (I don’t do this but) I think 2 hours before bed. I did a lot of posting about neck grabbing. Mine would grab, clamp down, and shack. It was actually becoming a medical issue. I use a spray bottle. I said release and then sprayed them. Now all I have to do is say release. Hopefully these videos come up for you. Also the stepping in poop is from being in the shelter. Keep up with the potty training and that will slowly go away. 6F202BA9-8C03-4735-898F-21E1CEB90F30.MOV
  2. I am so sorry to hear that. Start looking into how to train a blind dog and start the new commands now so she will understand them later. Also arrange your furniture to give her space and then keep it that way so she will have the room memorized. I am hoping for the best outcome for you both.
  3. O poor guy. Get him to a vet ASAP- need to make sure dosage is correct, his skin is going to be all open and inflamed and he probably needs antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. Giving him a bath could physically be painful. (I have seen dogs that started off with a bad case of fleas and ended up being covered in maggots) Wash EVERYTHING in your house. No matter how much meds or how many baths, he can still keep getting them if the environment is not clean. Sounds like you are way past home remedies. Good luck
  4. This is just my honest opinion: All dogs have the same issue no matter the breed. However, Huskies are different in the since of how they are trained. I would really hate to see someone spend a lot of money on a program that may be great for other breeds but does nothing for your Husky. I would suggest going on YouTube first. There are a tun of training videos for free. I watched a lot of different ones and found handlers that had my same approach and just kind of put together my own training routine. This way I had guidance but could adjust to mines personality. My male is extremely responsive and loves rewards and is more willing and can go forever learning something new. Were my girl is stubborn and could careless about rewards and doesn’t have a good attention span. What works for one my not work for another. Keep in mind that these guys are not Labs, Shepherds, or Rotties. They do not have the drive to please. Make it fun, keep it short, and be very very patient.
  5. Sorry I don’t click on links. What is the name of the product and I will look it up. He is starting his teenage phase. I believe mine started around that age and they have calmed back down now. They are 18 months. I double their training and kept them busy. The more I worked with them the better they acted.
  6. That is so cute. Mine like coffee. It’s my new perfume. *I drink iced coffee in the summer. *
  7. Thank you. Yes they are. Even my vet says she was to be reincarnated as one of my dogs. LOL They are my babies.
  8. I am happy that Marley is doing so well. Good luck on your op. Ya hubby is going to need a vacation when this is all said and done. LOL
  9. At 4 months I started puppy classes and daycare with mine. My male was and still can be very Leash reactive. So I am not sure if my advice is going to necessarily work. However, I have had dogs in other breeds act like this. If one of my pups was not confident on walks I would: In list in a small puppy class. Short walks during low traffic times. Take a toy or favorite treat. If you see another dog have him set and watch from a distance. Do not allow another dog to approach him when he is being fearful. Once the other dog has moved passed and there is a good distance, give a walk command and while walking reward. *It takes 4x in 4 different environments for a positive experience to be set in* *I also do not speak or touch mine during this. (Besides placing in a set)* I believe it reinforces whatever is going through their heads. Possibly okaying anxiety, fear, and whatever else. I have had some that just didn’t like or feel comfortable with other dogs and I just kept strange dogs away from them. Good news is.... he trust you to protect him. I had to train this behavior in mine. If a loose dog ran up to us, I have them (my girl) go behind me while brother and I protect her. Plus, it allows me to concentrate on the stray and only one of mine instead of all three. So this is not necessarily a bad thing.
  10. 14 years ago I brought her home as a gift to my now x-husband. She was thrown out the window of a vehicle on the Highway. A young couple stopped and picked her up. They were not able to keep her so they brought her into my work. Over the years I have had the privilege of helping with babysitting and seeing her on a regular basis. Run free my little golden girl. You are now free from pain. Go run in the fields with your buddy Buzz like you guys used to as pups. He has been waiting for you.
  11. She just can’t seem to figure it out 🤣 And these are just too cute not to post. ❤️
  12. 2Huskyfun


    Welcome! So cute and content while they sleep. LOL There has been a lot of postings regarding training done over the past week. They may help 😁
  13. I do not and will have mine off leash. My female would be gone in a second and my boy.... I think he would actually be fine but would never chance it.
  14. That was a great video. This seems to have been the year for looking inward and personal growth. *must be our generation hitting that age* I am finally going back school to finish my masters (in a field that I have already worked in for 15 years LOL Found a spiritual path And letting go...... I am too loving life and going through every door that opens. Again, thank you for sharing that. What happy Beautiful lucky pups.
  15. I can only speak of my two. As puppies (until 14 months of age) they were little sponges. Loved learning! My girl was extremely hard when it came time to find something to motivate her with. It is harder now. But she doesn’t like brother being able to do something she can’t LOL First. What you are going through, I think is absolutely normal. Need to find a trainer that actually knows Huskies! Or save your money and just train yourself. Lots of great YouTube videos I personally like Jeff out of Maine SolidK9. They are stubborn and one of the hardest breeds to train. I have been told over and over. Can’t start training until 16 months of age, they will never be trainable, there is no way you will be able to train them together. Not to toot my own horn, but my pups are awesome!!! 😁 I am a very proud momma and get compliments everywhere I take them. I started them at 4 months and we train EVERY day. We do daycare once a week now (they are getting to be too much for the kennel attendants LOL- they were going 3x a week. I am the only one they listen to.. and they both are pushing 60 lbs and can be bullies when they want. What I typed out in your other post is exactly what I did starting at 4 months and still do to this day. Mix it up and have fun with it you and her will figure out what works best for you guys. Once you learn what she likes what her personality is you will be able to work with her. Don’t get frustrated don’t get mad at her. There will be days they are pissy with me and don’t want anything to do with me (daycare days are amazing for this). Lots of play. My girl will not play outside for some reason she just wants her walks. I have to have a 5 minute play time outside prior to walking my boy to get energy out before walks. I would not trust a trainer that has never LIVED with a Husky. 😉
  16. My male still does it when he is super excited about something. Not often but still happens. At least he stopped humping everything and he became very sweet
  17. I have never feed senior food. I would suggest Googling best Husky senior food and do some research on the brands.
  18. Welcome She is pretty. I have the opposite issue. Mine have really dry skin.
  19. What treats are you feeding her. Count treats into the daily amount of food. My girl started getting a little chunky. I switched treats to Red bell peppers 1/4 cup a day 1/2 banana sliced and frozen ice cubes if board Frozen yogurt be careful the cold hitting an empty stomach can cause vomiting. If she refuses raw; switch her to a high quality weight management senior food. (I know she isn’t quite ready for senior but it has the least amount of calories)
  20. That is awesome news. Getting then out even for short periods of time makes a huge difference. Hopefully there is no more hiccups and a speedy recovery.
  21. She is pretty❣️ I think females are harder then males. LOL My female will still pee once in awhile on my bathroom floor at night even when the dog door is open for her. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I would start her house breaking from the very beginning like she was a baby learning it for the first time. As far as attitude.... yep that’s a Husky thing. My male is like that. When he is super mad at me he pees in my tub. 😩🤣. Teach her door control. I make mine set and wait at all doors (front door, crate, car doors, inside and outside) There are some great YouTube videos on how to train this. I would also suggest Place training. I would work on her recall. I use a 20 foot long line. Let them get to the end and then I call them. When they come back to me I have their favorite toy or treat for them. I don’t know what to say about the fence thing. Mine chew the fence and then I smear their poop on it 🤢🤮. It works for mine. I also have three wires 15 inches going around the top of the fence so they cannot jump over. I also go out twice a day and walk the fence line. I have found it best not to chase my girl. I just Leash her brother and take him for a nice calm walk ignoring her and eventually she follows us back home. My girl stays out in the rain but the boy hates it. I am putting a full cover on their dog run so he will go out.
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