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  1. That’s the technique I use. It is basically playing fetch (at least the chase part LOL) and tug-a-war. I use a long line 20 feet and a toy that he only gets to play with while on walks. We play for 5 or 10 minutes and then off we go. Even while walking he will come back to grab his toy and will even carry it for awhile. Totally ignoring everything else going on around us. It has worked wonders!!! Mine gator rolls on a no pull front harness. I have a prong collar on him.
  2. I am so happy she is going to be ok. That is a good heads up. Our issue is Foxtails. Really bad right now with the sudden freeze. Checking ears, paws, under belly, mouths, and now I will put that on the list. LOL
  3. I think Mutts are the best. That is funny though...
  4. Iron fencing. 6 feet tall. Use chicken wire at base 3 feet up on fence and fold out 2 feet on bottom (just under ground to keep them from digging. Put sunshades in the corners. I have wood fencing and it is a night mare!!! My run is 6 1/2 x 22 feet for two. My girl spends all day eating the fence and neighbor dogs charge at it. They are not aloud in the backyard unsupervised and they only sunbath, play sometimes, but mostly just for potty time in the run. They are ran 3-5 miles a day and walked at night. I am retired/ going back to school. Only have one class on campus so far, the others are online. Soooo I am pretty much home all the time. When I am not home they are in the hallway (tile flooring, all doors closed) and I use kiddy gates to block them in. And have only been left for two hours. 78DC7A16-F5F4-449F-817E-F044ED5B1209.MOV
  5. Welcome! Heidi is very beautiful. Jasper looks like a ham. LOL
  6. Love the spray bottle Unfortunately mine like getting sprayed. They run up wanting me to spray them. LOL I use straight water. For recall: have you tried using a long line? Let them get to almost to the end and then call him, giving a yummy treat or play tug (with a toy he only gets to play with for this)? It also works great for when you need to distract while on walks. I have gone through so many training tools and have taken them through so many classes. I honestly thought that mine would never get it. But now at 19 months I think a lightbulb went off. It’s like everything has finally clicked. I still spend a few hours a day between walks, place training, impulse training. So hang in there. 😁
  7. I don’t dry mine. I am in high desert. Very very dry here. Only 2 inches of rain a year if lucky. But in the winter the base only gets a foot or so of snow while the Hills will get 6 feet. Mine play in pools and sprinklers almost daily during the summer. And go in the hills to play in the snow when the pass is open. The girl doesn’t get baths and I only wash the boy during shedding season. (He ends up chewing so badly he swallows his hair and it causes soft blockages) I don’t have to dry them, they dry pretty quick on their own. However, my girl has an intolerance to grass. I use witch hazel to wipe her down. I hope that you find someplace convenient and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I would suggest the tub but he is too big. LOL O how about soaking in epson salt? It’s no dangerous if he licks up a small amount of water. (Give him loose poops) and it relaxes the muscles. Maybe on bad days you can do that.?.
  8. Ear biting- I have heard of people doing that and it worked for them. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure and it’s not done abusively so I get it. Very old school. My two were little piranhas. LOL I chose the ignore route. It took a couple of months but eventually it worked. For me at least. Everyone else in the house is fare game, still. The girl grabs fingers and just holds them in her mouth when greeting the family. The boy shows his teeth and snaps at my husband during play with him. ( if that is play, I would really hate to see him mad) They both jump and scream when anyone comes over. I advise them (people) on how to train them not to allow that but they don’t listen. So, I stay out of it. I guess when they get tired of being taken out every time they come through the door they will start correcting the pups. I don’t like using the word dominance. I believe with Huskies (at least with mine) it is a Mutual respect. They are very independent and extremely intelligent. My training method is a give and take. I understand my pups personalities and work with their strengths. I believe because of this I get respect in return. Since I do all the feedings, trainings, and dictate what goes on with the pups every day, I don’t get jumped on or get mouthed.
  9. What a cute baby. I could not even begin to guess. Will be interesting to see pictures as it grows.
  10. I ignore my pups when I come and go. Making a big deal about it will cause anxiety. Walk around the house with your keys in your hand without leaving. Then pick up your purse and walk around the house. Get everything you would normally get to leave and sit on the couch for awhile. Do this a handful of times a day. This will desensitize them to the routine. Once they are good with that, walk out the door for a few steps and then go back in. Not giving any attention. Once they are good with that go further. Then work to the point were you start your car without going anywhere. After a few minutes go in. And so on. Also work on impulse control training. Setting by the door and not being able to go through the door until you give the command. I do this with all doors car, crate, stores, front door and back door of the house. Place training also is great way to train them self control.
  11. For my two I do message therapy twice a day. I also stretch them out after cool down. You should be able to research message and stretching. Even the basic technique will be very beneficial. Look into small above ground pools. The cost is upfront but will be cheaper in the long run and more convenient. A friend of mine put hers in the garage so she could use it year around. Also talk to your vet about possible coat issues from getting wet that much. Make sure he dries completely after each time (mildew or overly dry skin can cause issues).
  12. This is a long shot but: I personally had a chance to work with a vet that specialized in back and leg injuries in HORSES. My gelding was kicked in the shoulder and had a perfect horseshoe break in his shoulder and I was advised over and over to euthanize him. I did my own care until I found her. He healed awesome and never had issues. During the summer she let me tag along to help her (work off payment for my boy) Mostly worked with jumpers that threw out their backs or had hip issues. First, swimming. No walks or runs. Swim everyday starting with a few minutes a couple of times a day to (Horses- 1 hour 4 times a day) Horses were kept in a stall lift when not being worked to keep all weight off them. Spongy bed. You can make it yourself for cheaper. Get memory foam and fabric and sew it together. Physical therapy. We have human masseuses that also message dogs. Cheaper then animal physical therapist. Watch what they do and repeat it yourself. 3 to 4 times a day at home. You can also find videos and books on this. My girlfriend swears by acupuncture. Her old dog has hip dysplasia and she is all about it. There were only one or two horses we used this on. ( muscle soreness) The vet didn’t do this for serious injuries. It took my personal horse 8 months before he could be lunged or turn out or do anything. I did cooked for my two 💰💶💴💵💰 LOL My boy has GI issues and food intolerance. He had a blowout so I went back to kibble. Instinct Limited Ingredients Turkey. When mine have serious diarrhea I found what works best is skipping a meal and then doing small amounts of kibble every 4 hours until there is no poop. Then start slowly upping the amount. Hopefully this will relieve some discomfort until it is all figured out. Please keep us posted.
  13. I wish I could tell you that neutering alone would solve it. That would be an easy fix. LOL but at his age it very well could be learned at this point. Keep in mind also it will take a few months after neutering for the testosterone levels to lower. I had to go through 3 evaluators before I found someone that truly knew Husky behavior. So even if they say “o ya I know Huskies” watch how they interact with him. My male was an a@$ before neutering and I still work with daily a year later. But we figured out he has a GI disease and when he is not feeling well his behavior changes. The other is he has obsession disorder ( he gets fixated on something) causes possession aggression. The reason I am saying this is, once you find the cause there is hope. It will just take a lot of patience and training. I can now feed treats and even drop a treat without him attacking his sister. They can also now play with the same toy without getting into a fight. and even lets the cat lay in his bed once in awhile.
  14. It’s hard to say.... I believe that unless your dog is of good bloodlines and is show quality, they should be neutered as soon as possible. I have heard that neutering cures everything from Rabies to ALL behavioral issues. LOL 🤣 At this age I couldn’t tell you if it would have any impact. It could be a learned behavior now. I am going to lean towards this: Find a behavioralist (that knows Huskies), have him evaluated. If not, you need to be strict about him being around other dogs. (Neutered or not) If he causes injury to another dog you will be liable. For as much as you could get sued for (at least where I live) Your best bet is to get him neutered, have him elevated, and train. You are going to have to put in some serious training time. Be consistent and really pay attention to this. Is he mixed by chance? Huskies are not normally aggressive. I have heard that other dogs have a tendency to be more aggressive towards Huskies because of how they carry themselves. Why give them extra ammo to use against your dog.
  15. From my experience. Yes. It is because they are intact. Natural instinct. The strongest gets to breed. Yes. It is a behavioral concern. But it is natural behavior. If you want to keep him intact keep him away from other intact dogs. This will become a learned behavior and he could start turning on neutered males or anything else.
  16. My girl goes 3x a day and when my boy isn’t having a GI flare up he goes 4x. The only time he skips a poop is when he is about to have a tummy blow out. Then it is nothing but pooping. Can food only diet would cause serious issues with my pups. He could still have a soft blockage. My boy had one and it was caused by leaves 🍁 and hair. LOL Does he strain at all when going? Is it normal color and firmness? What was he being feed before you got him? If his food changed that would cause issues. I would get him checked out. Once a week is not good. Are you sure that is all he is going?
  17. Welcome! That is awesome and she is very cute. Can’t help noticing her eye in the third picture. She may need sunblock on her face or does she have a different condition?
  18. Welcome Got my two at 7 weeks. I started seeing behavioral issues around 4 months of age. LOTS of training. Lots of love and patience too. Cats are a fun squeaky toy. Mine are good with my two but when I leave the house the cats are locked up away from the pups. I won’t chance it. Even now at 18 months I probably spend 3 hours a day training. Split up of course through out the day but still. Make it fun. Keep it short (always end it while they still are interested) The nipping is natural. Don’t let anyone mouth play with her and pull away when she does it. I think mine were 3 months when it stopped. She looks like she is of good weight. Being so young away from mom and siblings will cause an issue but nothing that can’t be worked through. There are a lot of training videos on YouTube. Just remember these guys are not “normal” dogs. They will not catch on like labs and Shepards. You will have great days and you will have days were she acts like she doesn’t have a clue what you are asking. LOL When you learn her personality you will be able to match the training technique to her and training will become easier and fun. Be patient. Lots of positive reinforcement no negative. Lots and lots of training.
  19. Not sure her size... start with a small capful but have fresh regular water available so she has a choice. Greek non fat yogurt plain is the only one she should be given. Mine get picky too some days. It all depends on the weather and activity level.
  20. Because he lets her. I do not say anything when I come and go. So they don’t react to me. Kids and husband make a big deal out of coming home so they go insane. Everyone gets a different welcome.I prefer to not be taken out by 2 60lb pups as I walk in the door. Hehhee If you work in a human medical field.... their PH is different then ours. I am not sure if that would work. Could get the pee cup and try to collect a sample. Could she be marking? My female pees like that on walks. Can you tell if pee comes out every time she squats, does the amount of pee match how much she drinks, what color is it, does she act like she is in pain, and have you tried filtered water, a little bit of apple cider in her water, or yogurt? O and neither one of mine like their face/head touched. They have always been that way since I got them at 7 weeks
  21. Get the pup to a vet ASAP Should be on soft puppy food.
  22. My girl grabs my husband’s finger and holds it in her mouth when he comes home. The only person she does that to. I put in a doggy door. They set in it all the time. They both are in and out all day long. When I thought my girl was having an UTI I did some research and I guess they do sale a test kit. Have no idea if it works but you can find them on line. There would be no way I could get a strip under my girl while she pee. You don’t want to test what is already on the ground because it could be contaminated.
  23. I would keep him down LOL for at least three days. No running or playing. Be careful of him jumping even on the couch. Obviously no licking. When you start walking him. Very short low energy walks. You do not want massive amounts of blood flow going to the area. Make sure it doesn’t turn bright red or pus.
  24. Look into (Pet Corrector) works great for snapping them out of the zone. I have only had to use it twice. Now I carry it for when strays run up on us.
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