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  1. Jai


    At nine weeks we were still going potty outside every 2 hours ... but no accidents inside and no crate here either... added doggy door and now she sleeps outside until ready for bed. Best of luck !
  2. Beautiful! Glad she has you to love her now!
  3. Kenai is scheduled for June 5th for spay. Glad I could read some experience info here! Thanks Best of luck to Shadow too!
  4. Jai


    Thank you everyone for a warm welcome Kenai says thank you for the compliments!
  5. Jai


    Hi , We are new husky owners and loving it! Kenai is now 5 months old and quite the character! She loves squeaky toys and can sit, lay, roll over, shake right paw, shake left paw and stay for short time. Look forward to learning for all of you !
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