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  1. Dont worry man !! you dont need a trainer i had the same problem my pup is now 4 months old he still snaps at me sometimes but not as much as he did when he was 2 !! keep telling him no and give him toys when he start biting !! and make sure to let him know what NO means !! he will grow out of it dont worry huskies are great dogs you will enjoy every moment with him
  2. so here is a little update !!! after i tried everything and visited alot of vets with no help with the loose stool !! so my puppy is a fast eater he doesn't chew his food !! so i stared crushing the food into small pieces first it slowed him down and second his stool became normal !! so if anyone having the same problem i had !! u should try this !! and thank all for your great advice
  3. the thing is that he was not like this when i first got him !! so i called the breeder and asked him what did he feed him !! he told me rice and yogurt !! plus am giving him royal canin maxi junior it's the best one in my country !! we also have taste of the wild but the dog food is so expensive here maybe i should switch to TOTW and see what happens !! and yes he eats alot of plants and ants and everything he can find he will eat it including me my hands are like the perfect toy for him i tried to teach him not to bite but ... not working 😢 anw thank all for the great advice !! they are the best one i have found !! i will consider this site as my primary search for any problem !! woof woof
  4. am having the same problem here i tried everything !! the vet told me to give him rise and potato and yogurt mixed together for 2 days and he gave him a multivitamin shot and he hasn't gotten any better his energy level is normal he's acting normal but this stool problem is scaring me !! he is 3 months now and am new parent i dont know what to do more i checked multiply vet each one is saying a different thing that the other !! so plz if someone can help me figure this out
  5. Ace= Male = 2 months = 3.8 KG Ace= Male = 2.5 months = 7 KG
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