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  1. How much orijen large breed puppy food should I feed my 6month old husky girl she is at 42lbs
  2. or It’s sister brand FirstMate? They are Canadian
  3. Lol my bad yeah just trying to find a good one for it’s hard to trust brands out here that’s why feel figured Farmina since it’s Italian made and has European standards i thought it was a high quality one from Europe! Was going to do orijen but the only one they sale that’s atill made in Canada has too much calcium for a growing husky And I meant thank you not then you lol
  4. Yeah the grain free lamb and blueberry one with pumpkin. Is it better then Orijen?
  5. I’m in the US but right now I have her on Farmina it’s from Italy
  6. Which brand? Or do you guys feed raw?
  7. Can I feed my 5 month old husky girl orijen tundra since it’s the only one in the US that still gets made in there North Star kitchen?
  8. How do you recommend me to transition her to raw? She is a 4 month old puppy should I wait til she is 1 ? Or what do you recommend? How do I find the perfect diet for her
  9. They gave it a 4 of 5 stars second tier
  10. Yeah it’s large breed puppy so was making sure it was a good brand cause read nothing but positive things about it
  11. I went to my local pet store family owned business and all that and asked about food for my 4 month old husky and they recommended NutriSource! So my question is any of you guys feed this brand to your baby? Reading up on it heard nothing but good things about it!
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