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  1. Got it, thank you so much for all your helpfulness robke
  2. If they’ve stopped nursing, what makes it wrong? Somebody needs to take a chill pill
  3. I have multiple friends and family that own huskies that they got at 6 weeks. Seems to be more common than you might think. Haven’t noticed any of them with any bite issues, or anything really. All very well mannered dogs. We’ll see I guess.
  4. I was simply asking about the puppy’s ears. Wasn’t asking about anything else.
  5. Well thank you for that non helpful advice
  6. Nope, she’s at home as of yesterday. They stopped nursing around 4.5 weeks. She will be 7 weeks tomorrow.
  7. My puppy is 6.5 weeks old but only one ear has stood up. I understand this is young, but almost all of her brothers and sisters ears are already erect. Do you guys think the right will stand up like the left?
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