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  1. Ah! Everyone’s experience and stories really made me feel better-in a way. I’m glad I’m not alone though, and hearing about everyones pups gettin much better gives me hope for my Kai! Thank you all!
  2. @Everone Thank you to everyone for their words! He has a full wellness appointment tomorrow to look at everything! He’s going to be tested for a bunch of stuff and x-rayed and everything!
  3. He seems to walk and run perfectly fine. I just don’t want to spend a bunch of money for them to tell me I’m crazy and his legs are fine haha! Of course, if they seem to become a problem I’ll take him, I just want peoples opinions first!
  4. While my Kai is 20% wolf and 80% husky I still don’t see how EVERYONE mistakes him for a full wolf!? He looks like a full husky!
  5. 334E01F3-6299-4994-A0DC-5C9AAE5D38FD.MP4 Hello! My name is Jessie! This is not my first time owning a husky but this is my first time raising one from tiny puppy to adult. I got Kai February 25th and his birthday is December 30th! So he’s a little over 4 months old! He didn’t come from a very good place. The breeders kept all the puppies outside by themselves after he weaned them too early. He fed them adult dog food until they were adopted. All of the puppies were pretty sick and they had to sleep on orange sand, injesting it often. I sadly only got the one (the rest were adopted by my family members though!) When we left with the rest of the puppies we called the police and told him of the terrible acts the man was doing. (Apparently he had warrants for animal abuse and more but that’s a different story.) Anyway! So when I started to “tame” the puppies he was the only one who wouldn’t let anyone near him. He’s been around my pet/s ferrets, turtles, horses, cows, pigs, cats, chickens, birds, raccoons, dogs, fish, rats, snakes, and even my fox. He loves everything but new people. 334E01F3-6299-4994-A0DC-5C9AAE5D38FD.MP4 After a few months of good health and shots and deworming, and socializing he’s only about 70% there with me and about 45% there with other people and strangers. I love him so much and he makes me and my other animals so happy! So, have any of you rescued huskies that weren’t treated right? I know they’re stubborn, so were you able to “fix them”? I’m gonna attach a bunch of old and new pictures! F4A99A10-821B-4BCE-A2DC-EB404474BCF1.mp4 5E9792BF-6D3F-439B-B23F-7B65C09C5F0F.mp4
  6. Hi! This is my first time raising a husky from puppy to adult. I’ve had many many husky dogs 7+ months but my little Kai is only 4 months old. When Kai and I were out training some lady said hello and greeted Kai. She then asked why he had “duck feet”. I was confused and when we got home I looked and thought “man! He does kind of have duck feet??” So I’d just like to ask, does his legs look normal? Are they pointed out unnaturally? Should I be worried? How can I fix this? Will they stay like this? I’ve attached a few pictures from a few days, to see his legs better. 95CA5B9C-A60C-4D6E-B4DF-CB40D4A1D0EC.mp4
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