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    Great news

    Thank you Chelseafan
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    Great news

    This trainer is compassionate and well respected. Not only did she teach us and show us everything she would be doing but sent us daily videos, I could visit anytime and I was in class with him weekly. This trainer and her assistants train service dogs and search and rescue dogs as well as teach weekly obedience classes, fitness classes for your dog and agility. My dog loves her so much. The trainer became very attached to our boy. Casey and I are still attending classes weekly and she is available 24/7 to answer questions and concerns. He was/is loved as a member of her family. He needed the aggression and food resourcing addressed immediately since he attacked my other dog twice. We were following her training plan at home but it wasn’t working. My husband and I were very confident in our decision after mulling over it for several weeks. Casey is a different dog now and I feel even happier.
  3. I haven’t posted in quite a bit so here’s an update to Casey’s food aggression and naughty behaviors. I found a highly recommended behaviorist/trainer in my area and signed up for obedience classes. We then agreed after water guarding during break that Casey could use extensive help. He lived with the trainer in her home for 5 weeks, attended classes and participated in Wednesday play dates. He has been home 2 weeks and is a different pup. We still attend classes every Saturday and signed him up for Wednesday play dates for the next few months. He’s obedient, the food/water aggression is gone and he hasn’t attacked Hershey at all. He’s a very loving, affectionate and happy Mommies boy!
  4. Casey starts puppy classes tomorrow! He’ll also have several home visits to deal with the food aggression which is now called resource guarding. I’ve been working with him at home and he’s making baby step progress. The biggest accomplishment was he and Hershey our Pom played outside in the backyard for an hour last night. Hershey chased Casey all over the place both dogs barking and tails wagging. Then they came in and laid a few feet apart on the floor and slept. Baby steps. 😊
  5. Thank you. He’s my child. I can’t get rid of a child just make changes for the betterment of all.
  6. That’s fantastic! I can’t wait til Casey does.
  7. Thank you all so much. I found a behaviorist/trainer facility near me and will be enrolling Casey in a 16 week training course then he’ll see the behaviorist. They come highly recommended from 4 families in my development who’ve had problems with their dogs. I’m very hopeful. I found another tear on Hershey’s head that I didn’t see last night. All cleaned up and neosporin being applied and he is his happy little self. They even laid on the couch together this morning while I was vacuuming. I’ve always fed food and treats separately but I think Casey smelled the treat on Hershey after he had eaten it. Husband and I talked at length and decided rehoming him is out of the question. We’re dedicated to working with all the animals to ensure safety and well being. We’re turning a guest room into a dedicated cat room on the second floor and making a tall gate at the steps with a cat door so they can come up and down but Casey can’t. We did research the breed at length and figured with training and a careful eye we could manage. Food aggression can happen with any breed and we’re willing to put in the hard work to correct it.
  8. Thank you. Unfortunately it was not playing it was full on aggression. My little one won’t leave my side. It’s been a very upsetting ordeal for us all. I’m looking into training now even if he has to go away for some of it. I can’t traumatize my little one or cats anymore. Casey is very loving when he wants to be, even shares toys but when it comes to food he is a demon.
  9. Casey my 4 mo old husky attached my 10lb Pomeranian today. He ripped his skin open near the neck, thank God he didn’t have adult teeth. Casey is very food aggressive and thought Hershey had a milk bone treat. Hershey is still shaken up as this is his second dog attack. His previous owners pit bull attacked him. I am furious. I cannot have a dog that attacks. I feed them separately even treats. Casey has been pinning one of cats down and holding his head in his mouth. Please help. Where do I start?
  10. Thank you all so much. 😊
  11. She’s beautiful! Give her a belly rub from Casey and I
  12. I read somewhere about a collar and harness that could hook together for those babies that get out of them. What are your thoughts? Is there a simple hook/strap that joins them?
  13. Are sibe’s hard to house break and crate train? Casey is non stop barking and howling while in the crate. I know patience is needed but at times it is unbearable due to the noise. Potty training is half and half. He goes outside every half hour to an hour. If he is out for play time in the house closely supervised he pees in a split second. He’s peeing in the crate which I thought dogs didn’t like to do. Help! I don’t know what to do.
  14. I’ve had all my cats first. Thank you everyone for the responses we have a lot of work to do
  15. Hi everyone. Things are going well with our little bundle of joy except one thing. You guessed it, he’s chasing my 2 younger cats. He actually had Henry pinned down and it scared me. Olive he hadn’t had much success with as she hisses and goes into attack mode while retreating up high on the cat tree. Our oldest cat Jack is 9 and just swats him hard in the head and doesn’t even move. Casey doesn’t seem to bother to much with Jack. I’m worried about my other 2 and the possibility of him killing them. Wondering if we should redone the young ones even though it will kill me to do so but thinking of safety first. BTW Casey is 3 months old.
  16. Hi new friends. Today we started Casey on crate training since the little devil climbs over the gates with the greatest of ease. I know the crate is the best thing for him but the crying kills me. I won’t let him out tonight. I won’t let him out tonight. I won’t let him out tonight. He has his favorite big pillow and babies and I gave him a Nyla bone to keep him busy and quiet. The quiet lasted 5 minutes-lol. Please tell me it gets better, I need the reassurance. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  17. His name is Casey and he is a little devil.❤️ He melts my heart every time I look at him.
  18. Hi new friends! I came across the site by accident thankfully. After a year of research my hubby and I bought a puppy. We couldn’t be happier with our new little bundle of joy slash devil. Lol. He is 3 months old black and white with silver running thru and both eyes are an icy blue. We’ve registered him with the AKC. We are having a 6ft wooden fence installed in a week and will build trenches around the perimeter. Potty training is trying but I think we’re making headway now. We already owned a Pomeranian that is 9 yrs old. They get along great. Playtime every morning and evening. Our 3 cats are getting used to him being here also. Years ago I owned a Husky/Shepard/malamute mix so I’m not totally unfamiliar with the breed. I look forward to your knowledge and getting to know you.
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