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  1. Our dog has had blood drops in his pee, the vet said it was caused by the prostate... This is the second year he has had this, thats why the vet recomended it.
  2. Thank you for your reply😊
  3. Ok, thanks for the information, the vet says she has experience with Huskies and it shouldnt be a problem, just hope she is right. I will definetly mention that my dog needs another sort of anaesthesia than regular dogs.
  4. Thanks for the reply Robke, its because he has an enlarged prostate, for the second time, so thats why the vet recomends it. But is a bigger risk because its a husky,, anesthesia?
  5. Hi folks, My vet has recomended castrating our husky for medical reasons.. I heard a while back that it can be risky to anethetize a husky, this coming from a husky owner, does anyone know if this is true? And would chemical castration be a safer option, or is this only a good short term option. Last question, will our husky a totally different dog after the castration, like less lively,.... Thanks, Baz
  6. Another thing we have noticed, he used to like playing with other dogs, but now if a female wants to play with him and she is too lively he even growls a bit... never used to do this. Used to be really friendly, turning into a grumpy dog. So strange....
  7. Yes that grumpy thing is something i recognise too... Strange, never used to be grumpy either,,,
  8. Thanks for the advice Thats been done already,
  9. Thanks again for the replies, come to think of it he is even more fussy then it comes to eating. He was fussy before, now he has become even worse. Very stuborn. Only likes nice things.
  10. This one was also a rescue also because of his energy levels. The last couple of years have certainly been a challenge🙂, but he is a beautiful dog. Still difficult to let him loose, very difficult to catch him again if he focusses on something. Just so strange to see him go from action dog to sleeping(old) dog like overnight. Its like he has gone from 4 to about 8years old. cheers Bram
  11. Thanks for the replies☺️ He has had a bladder infection a while back, that has gone now, were drops of blood on floor thats what alerted us. He had an echo done too, there was a small mark in his blader, they thought it could be a cyst of some sort... but after a course of antbiotics the bladder infection has gone. Apart from that he is healthy. Whenever possible we let him loose and he flies around till the end of time cheers Bram
  12. Hi folks, Wonder is anyone can tell me if this is normal. My girlfriend has a male siberian husky who has just turned 4, which has until recently has certainly been a handful that keeps her busy🙂 with all his shenanigans., we knew this before so it was no suprise. Lovely dog though. Thing is since a couple of weeks all he does is sleep sleep sleep. All the funny things he used to do, he no longer does. Now all he does all day is well..... sleep. Is this normal, is this just because he is getting older....? Does anyone recognise this sort of behaviour? Thanks for looking. Cheers Bram
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