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  2. So fixing a puppy doesn't calm them down? I was also recommended to get one of the vibrating collars that will slightly shock her when she starts barking in order to crate train her. Any advice on that method instead?
  3. I adopted a Pure Bread Siberian Husky female puppy. (Miley). She was about 2 months old when i adopted her and now she is almost 1. I am a college student so i'm busy often with school and work, etc. but i for the most part do most of what i need to do from my apartment because when Miley is put into her cage she disturbs my other two roommates. She was never really bad at first when put in her cage, she would howl really loud for a couple minutes then she would stop. About a month ago she started going through heat and every since about a week into heat when put into her cage she howls uncontrollably for hours without stopping. I have finals coming up so i need to be in the library at night but i literally feel chained to my apartment all day every because of the way she recently started acting. I originally didn't want to get her fixed because me and my family wanted to breed her, which is why she isn't currently fixed. But now that i'm in college, the behavior is hard to deal with when i have small errands to run but i literally can't leave. I have heard stories about people getting their dogs fixed and them being an entirely new dog after, behavior wise. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Have any recommendations?
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