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  1. He likes to spend time in the hallway or kitchen anyway during the day as its cooler, and then at night obviously we are asleep so wont see him go. As long as its not raining i keep the door open for him and he will only go outside which is brilliant. So he knows to go outside, that part he learnt. I just need to stop the going inside by the door.
  2. I would love to ignore inside but it’s not getting any better, it seems he has taken this as acceptance and that it’s ok. Is is there anything people have done to get him to indicate he wants to go and hold it in until I do open the door?
  3. Hi all. I have a 6 month old male Husky called Max. Hes well behaved in general (still destroys the odd item here and there) but obeys most commands first try. My biggest struggle at the moment is toilet training him. He knows to go outside, and will do so and i praise him when he does. However he will also go inside by the back door if its not open. This can be at night, or even if we are just watching tv. He wont try to indicate in anyway that he wants to go toilet like our other dog does, so just goes on the floor by the door. How can i train him to say he needs to go outside and thst its not ok to go inside?

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