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  1. thanks, she already has nutrazinc and we've changed her food. she was raw fed with kibble, we've changed the kibble to grain free, but it didn't get better, seemed to get worse so under advice we've (only just) gone to kibble only with supplemented berries/apples etc. we were not 100% sure that the bones etc in the meat wasn't absorbing the zinc she was getting. i've also changed the zinc supplement to last thing at night, not with her meal. next stop is salmon oil, but she goes into kennels next week whilst we go on holiday so wanted to wait til after that before starting salmon oil. the whole thing is a really stressful, her eye looked like it was gonna explode yesterday, but seems to have calmed down a little now. I just don't know how to ease her discomfort 😞
  2. pretty sure my 7.5 month old husky pup has a zinc deficiency although its not been picked up by the vet, but by other people who know husky traits. anyway, she has all the normal signs ZRD, redness and hair loss around her eyes and muzzle, but now she has a little lump above her right eye, you can sort of see it in the photo below on the left. we've put this down to ZRD again but all of you who have experienced ZRD, is this another symptom or should I be worried.
  3. thanks guys, ordered drontal to try this weekend, fingers crossed this one is better than the last one
  4. Hi, please can you advise what brand of Wormer you all use for your huskies. we initially used a pipette from the vet onto the back of the neck, but then changed to tablets, which have made my dog sick. just wondering what best to use that are ok with their sensitive stomachs. thank you
  5. Hi all, I've got a 6 month old husky and we gave her her first raw lamb bone last week, which she broke down and ate every morsel. when at the vets for a 6 month health check we mentioned this and they told us she shouldn't have bones, as she cannot pass it, and would just end up with a stomach full of bone and have to be opened up to get removed this does not sound right to me, as surely there are bits of bone in raw food and if they were scavenging in the wild, which is their instinct, they would break down bones. should I give her bones to eat or not...... she absolutely loved it though......... thanks in advance for advice
  6. Hi, Introducing Sansa the Siberian Husky. she's 6 months and a whole bundle of stubborness and trouble, but a loveable one. we live in Northumberland and she's a very happy Puppy sister to my 2 kids hoping to get loads to useful tips and advice as seem to be getting loads of conflicting advice from others. nice to 'meet' you all Emma

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