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  1. yea but, its the only thing he does when he is on the grass, keeps eating grass then gets sick with diarrea and puke.I stopped taking to the grass long time ago.. I only let him smell ground that is clean (as much as possible) and even though there is nothing to eat of the ground he starts licking it like a mop.Also he is underweight for a 6 months old Husky, only 12kg...I did all the tests needed to check if he had an issue but everything was clear except from the cholesterol wich was around 400 ...I am feeding him salmon(PRO PLAN SENSITIVE SKIN) after my vets advice I kept increasing the food I gave him to the point that he was eating double the grams per kilo and age (that is what caused high cholesterol) , I will switch progressively to another protein maybe beef to check if that's the case about his weight.He eats double the daily requirements, he acts like he haven't eaten for days.
  2. i will try this out robke, thank you!
  3. Hello, friends.I have a 6 months old husky that won't stop eating everything he finds on the ground including rocks, I have been training him since he was 2 months old, basic obedience,how to walk near me without pulling and i fixed most of the unwanted behaviors with a professional trainer (he trained me in order to train the dog).BUT , I couldn't find a solution on his bad habbit of eating everything of the ground, when we walk together on leash its all good I can control him, but if he finds a space he will grab w/e he finds off the ground. Two days ago he swallowed a huge rock and immediately I took him to the vet and paid 500 euros in total for the safest way to remove the rock from his stomach (gastroscopy). Guys I'm really frustrated, anyone that has or had the same issue and can help?
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