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  1. My puppy now a days always want to go outside and there, he will sleep. He dont want anymore to be inside of our house when it is going to sleep. Is there a meaning? Second is when we approach him he really gets so hyper and excited that will lead to bite us on our feet. There is a case where my father's finger in his feet got bite and bleed so hard. Is it just a normal? Can someone give a tips or recommendation what should I do?
  2. Where did you put him when you remove him in the place? and how did you do it I really want to teach my lil puppy to not bite us
  3. Kenno


    Thank you so much that happened because I carried him and put him in my lap because he is getting naughty that time he wants to bite everyone, then after I put him in my lap , I guess he doesn't like, he suddenly turn his head into my arm and catch my palm I guess he is angry that time but still I love my puppy he is my little brother cause I dont have one . What I noticing now is when we are training he sometimes snap on the treat
  4. Kenno


    Hi my puppy just bite me, his single teeth and it bleeds a little. do I need to take an anti rabies or not?
  5. what is the best method to teach my dog to not to bite me
  6. Kenno


    When he put his puppy to another room, does the puppy will get stress? is it okay?
  7. after that 30 seconds does your puppy not rough anymore?
  8. When you say remove her from room, it can be mean that I put her to another room alone? But she will chew things there and later on she will cry.
  9. I tried this when we removed him from the place and put him in other room, he starts chewing things on that room and later on he starts crying. Is it okay what we did? I'm sorry for being importunate
  10. Yeah I did what you said, when he wants to bite me I said NO and sit on our sofa and after that he will now chew the feet of the sofa and that's the moment where I will distract him by his toy and play to him. Is that alright buddy? Will it train him to not chew things and not to bite me? Haha
  11. Hi I'm just wondering why my dog dont want to cuddle, he do not go to me, sleep besides me. He always want to sleep on his own. Is there any way to wants him to be cuddled? Haha
  12. I'm doing this last day when I said to him "NO" he will go to attack position and bark at me and try to bite me again lol but i just giving him a distraction like his toy
  13. I tried this and what he did is he chew other thing lol
  14. Hi everyone this is the first time after a 10 years to pet again a dog. I'm training my 2 months old puppy to sit. Sometimes he just follow my command but sometimes he will stare in my hand , having the treat, and suddenly will attack my finger and accidentaly bite my finger. Any recommendation to train my dog to bite or to play gently? Btw, my daily routine to my dog is when he wakes up, we go outside to get potty and after that I give his meal and after 10 mins or right before he finish his meal we go outside again to have a potty and then we go inside of our house and will train for a bit a
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